Terrifying moment huge great white shark circles fisherman's tiny boat

Terrifying moment huge great white shark circles fisherman’s tiny boat

  • Rodney Pacitti approached by huge shark
  • White pointer estimated to be 4-5m long
  • Shark swam under and alongside boat 

A fisherman has captured the incredible moment a massive great white shark encircled his small boat.

Rodney Pacitti was dropping a line off the Glitter Strip in the Gold Coast earlier this week when a 5m white pointer appeared, swimming directly underneath and alongside his boat. 

‘Oh s**t, look at the size of this shark under me – wow!’ the fisherman is heard saying excitedly. 

‘That is unbelievably big. Is that a white pointer?’

Rodney Pacitti had a terrifying encounter whilst fishing off the coast of the Gold Coast’s Glitter Strip (pictured, drone shot of shark alongside Pacitti’s boat)

‘I won’t lie, I just got a little nervous’, he adds.

Mr Pacitti then switches cameras to show a shot of his boat from above, with the shark alongside him extraordinarily measuring the entire length of the boat. 

‘Far out, look at the size of that. Holy smokes, he is massive! Wow, look at the size of him, he’s as big as my boat,’ he is heard saying. 

‘Surely a shark that big isn’t interested in a bait?’

The shark then lost interest in the tinny, cruising behind the boat before swimming back up alongside the fisherman. 

Mr Pacitti shared a photo of the encounter online, captioned: ‘My boat just got a little smaller’.

‘The feeling of being circled by such an amazing and large shark was pretty surreal… and then the day just got better and better!’

‘I simply had the best time ever,’ he wrote.

The huge shark measured almost the same size as Mr Pacitti’s small tinny, swimming underneath and encircling the fisherman

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