Elon Musk Says Student Unjustly Punished for Opposing Biological Male in Girls' Locker Room

elon musk

Elon Musk says a Vermont high school student and her family are getting a raw deal … as they’ve been punished for demanding a biological male student — who identifies as female — be barred from the girls’ locker rooms.

Former University of Kentucky swimmer, and now political activist, Riley Gaines amplified the Allen family’s battle on Saturday — tweeting Blake Allen had been suspended from school, and her father had been fired from his job.

Riley Gaines

Those were the consequences for the Allens who said Blake and some of her volleyball teammates were uncomfortable undressing in front of a fellow student who identifies as female … but was born male.

Elon replied to Riley’s tweet, “Incredibly unjust.” Blake got a 2-day suspension and was reportedly told she couldn’t return to school before apologizing for her feelings. Meanwhile, her father — a middle school soccer coach — had been suspended without pay because he publicly defended Blake, according to the Daily Signal.

The Allens did win some relief in the form of a lawsuit they filed against the school district … which was recently settled. They’ll reportedly get $125k in damages and attorney fees, plus Blake’s suspension has been scrubbed from her record, and her father got back his coaching job.

As we reported, there’s a similar legal battle at the University of Wyoming, where Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters are suing their sorority for allowing transgender Artemis Langford into the group.

They’ve also said they’re uneasy due to Langford — a biological male — allegedly staring at women getting out of the shower.

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