Love Island’s George Fensom admits he ‘put himself before’ ex-girlfriends

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George Fensom, 24, who has been announced as one of the participants to enter the Love Island villa this year, has spoken up about his past behaviour.

Before being accused of “cheating” and “controlling behaviour” by his ex-girlfriend, he admitted to “putting himself first” in his relationships ahead of appearing on the ITV show.

The Business Development Executive from Bedford has claimed he is looking for love, as he prepares to hit our screens next week.

Speaking in the show’s official press pack, George said: “I’ve put myself first in relationships before and it didn’t end well, so I’m looking to focus and give 100% of my time and care to someone.

“I want to settle down, I’m getting old,” the Love Island hopeful said.

He also claimed: “I prefer a girl who is naturally good looking, and someone who has even more banter than me – although I don’t believe that’s physically possible.”

After he spoke ahead of his appearance on the show, George’s ex-girlfriend spoke up about their relationship.

In a new TikTok video, she branded him as “controlling”, “a narcissist” and “a cheat”.

Speaking to, George spoke about his ex’s claims insisting he wants to be “respectful”.

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He explained: “I want to be as respectful as I can towards her because I appreciate that she isn’t in the public eye as I am in this scenario.

“It’s really unfortunate and actually quite upsetting on my behalf that a picture has been painted about me in that light.

“I’m looking forward to moving forward with things and going into the villa and just providing a new wave of energy and to prove that the things that have been written about me aren’t true. People can see a different light to me.

He added: “Every day is a learning day and everyday you learn things, no matter if it’s regards to a work aspect or relationships and things. People react differently to different things and people feel a certain way about different things as well.”

Despite his response, many Love Island fans don’t want George to appear in the new series.

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ITV’s Duty of Care protocols for Islanders, which train contestants around language and behaviour, can be found here.

ITV told “All Islanders will complete video training and guidance across a range of topics to include mutually respectful behaviour in relationships, behaviour patterns associated with controlling and coercive behaviour and language around disability, sexuality, race and ethnicity, and microaggressions before they meet their fellow Islanders.

“The inclusion training consists of conversations chaired by BCOMS (Black Collective of Media in Sport) founder Leon Mann MBE with DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) consultant Hayley Bennett, disability specialist Shani Dhanda and broadcaster Sean Fletcher.

“First introduced ahead of Series 8 in 2022, these discussions will tackle topics including inclusive language and behaviour, creating safe spaces and being a good ally.”

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