I'm a gym girl with a big breast problem – I'm fuming after buying a bralette two sizes up, it's still way too small | The Sun

A GYM influencer has been left feeling hopeless after failing to find a gym bralette that fits her bust.

The TikToker has documented her fitness journey, which has seen her bulk and tone her body shape.

In a video, Caitlin (@fitnessbycaitlinday) revealed her frustration of being unable to find gym clothes that properly fit her assets.

She criticized bralette companies for not stocking sizes for broader women and those with larger chests.

In the clip, she said: "I'm actually just done. Bought some gym bralettes and I sized up because I thought my boobs won't fit in that.

"Went two sizes bigger. still don't f****** fit. I'm just fed up.

"Why do companies make bralettes so skinny?"

Caitlin showed the bralette she tried on, which was so small that it revealed her cleavage at the top and bottom.

She then showed how the largest size would not fit her despite her best efforts.

Caitlin said: "Even if I pull them down, they stick out at the top, and then they overhang.

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"If I try and fit them in, still doesn't work cause they just pop straight back out. I'm just fuming."

The influencer revealed in the comments beneath the video that she was previously a size GG.

One viewer told her: "Just buy a bigger size. Try having an E size!"

Caitlin replied: "I used to have size GG so I do know. And I sized up to the biggest size so can't really size up more."

Another viewer said: "I'm done as well girl, I have this problem all the time."

One added: "I can relate. Then if you get a size larger you lose the side support."

The TikToker is still on a mission to find the perfect bralette and is sticking to traditional sports bras for the time being.

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