Drone shot shows how harbour bears striking resemblance to a dolphin

‘Was this created on porpoise?’ Stunning drone photograph reveals how harbour bears striking resemblance to a dolphin

  • Picture taken by Rhys Jones, 37, went viral on Facebook when Mr Jones posted it 

A photographer was amazed to discover that a picture he took from his drone as it flew above a Welsh harbour revealed the area’s striking resemblance to a dolphin.  

Rhys Jones, 37,  had visited the location in Pwllhelli several times before, but this was the first time he noticed the aquatic appearance of the landscape.

He said: ‘Once seen it it cannot be unseen. In all my flight time over over the Pwllheli harbour I have never noticed this as much as last night, spectacular!’ 

The picture attracted a lot of attention from residents in the area when Mr Jones posted the images on the Facebook group, Pwllheli Drone Photos.

Photographer Rhys Jones, 37, was pleasantly surprised to see a picture from his drone of a  Welsh harbour in Pwllhelli resemble a dolphin

The picture went viral on Facebook, with one user jokingly asking if the image ‘was created on porpoise’

Some in the group jokingly asked if the drone ‘was created on porpoise?’

Another person described the shot as brilliant.

Mr Jones added: ‘I have taken many photos of the beautiful area we live in. I have been over the marina many times but only just noticed this amazing landscape on this occasion.’ 

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