Graham Norton’s love life – Drag Race star, swipe from ex and top secret wedding

TV host Graham Norton has continued to keep fans across the nation entertained with his charming, charismatic and cheeky persona.

Presenting his self-titled chat show on BBC One since 2007, Graham has received a number of awards for his impeccable hosting ability as well as his writing and comedic skills.

But away from the spotlight, the TV veteran has had a rather colourful relationship history and has previously dated a well-known Drag Race star.

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And despite having endured previous heartbreak, Graham, 60, is now happily married to a filmmaker.

So as Graham gets ready to host the Eurovision Song contest in Liverpool, Daily Star has taken a look through his relationship history.

Drag Race heartbreak

In 2014, Graham shared details of his previous heartbreak in his memoir The Life And Loves Of A He Devil about the end of his relationship to Drag Race star Tina Burner.

Graham also described the night he met Tina –whose real name is Kristian Seeber – at New York’s Barracuda bar.

The BBC star recalled that Tina was as "tall and broad-shouldered with an easy smile that took up half his face”.

According Graham's memoir, the pair broke off their romance after a few months. However, they later decided to reconcile when Tina moved into Graham’s home in London, which "lasted for about six months" and was a "disaster".

Graham said: "I realise that even to a perfect stranger the outcome would have been glaringly obvious, but when you are in the middle of something and you are desperate for it to work, you’ll try anything."

Trevor Patterson

In 2013, news broke that Graham had split from his partner Trevor Patterson.

Trevor, who worked as a fashion consultant, claimed her shared "everything" with Graham when they were together for two years.

But the relationship ended bitterly when Trevor, who was 20 years younger than the TV host, said Graham often put his dogs before him.

He said: "Frankly, he’d do anything for those animals. They mean the world to him and were always his first love . . . in some ways he put them before me."

Andrew Smith

Graham went on to date Andrew Smith, a music marketing consultant before they split up in 2015.

But later on Graham went on to discuss how sexist he felt his relationship is portrayed in the eyes of the media.

He said: "This will sound sexist but that doesn't mean it's any less true.

"If I were a straight man, my female partner would have a role in the eyes of society. She would be the mother of my children, my hostess, the person on my arm at red carpet events.

"She would have a defined function. But that's not the case if your partner is male," he told the Sunday Mirror.

Jonothan McCleod

Last year Juky it was reported that Graham got married to his long-term love Jonothan McCleod.

The secret ceremony was said to be a lavish occasion with singer Lulu in attendance and performing at the event meanwhile reports claim drag queen Panti Bliss performed a DJ set.

Graham was first spotted with Jonothan at Heathrow in December 2019 and although the TV legend has tried to keep his relationship out of the spotlight, he was seen with matching bands in 2022 while in Cork.

Sharing his views on marriage, the TV star previously said: "The idea of being married or having kids, all these things that are now available to young gay people, I never had to bother myself with them at all."


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