Samson exposed as Charity discovers his vile blackmail plot in Emmerdale

At the start of Tuesday (March 28)’s episode of Emmerdale, Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) was quite the hero of the hour. Having called an ambulance when his daughter Esther was unwell, everyone agreed that his prompt action might have saved Esther’s life.

Well, almost everyone – Noah (Jack Downham), of course, knows that everything Samson does for Esther is just for money, as he’s been extorting funds from Noah for weeks. Also, as Noah sulkily told his mum, he’d have called the ambulance even faster if he’d been looking after Esther.

But no sooner had Samson downed the free pint that Charity (Emma Atkins) awarded him with than he was once again demanding money from Noah – and this time he wanted everything that was left in the trust fund as a final payment and he’d stay away from Amelia (Daisy Campbell) and Esther for good.

Noah was naturally reluctant to agree to this, not least because the trust fund money was for Esther. Samson told him that if he refused he’d see to it that Noah was no longer part of Esther’s future. Amelia trusted him, he said, so he could always remind her about Noah’s pervy past. But if Noah coughed up the cash, ‘You and Amelia can settle down and I’ll never have to touch a stinking nappy again.’

So Noah agreed and Samson wasted no time in telling Amelia he’d ‘quit the childminding game’ and she shouldn’t ask him to have anything to do with his daughter again.

This left Amelia with a massive problem. If she could no longer rely on Samson’s help with childcare while she was at college, what was she going to do? She asked Noah if he would use some of the trust fund money to pay for childcare and was shocked when he refused, as he knew there was no money left. She stormed off and told Noah not to bother coming back home.

Charity knew there must be something more going on and she wouldn’t give up until Noah told her the whole story. Charity said he’d have to tell Amelia and was ready to storm off to have a go at Samson, but Noah begged her to leave the situation alone. He was terrified that Samson would be able to twist the whole situation because he’s ‘smarter.’

Back at the Dingles,’ Samson was in trouble with his dad, Sam (James Hooton), about his harsh words to Amelia earlier. Samson underlined just how horrible he’s become when Sam reminded him, ‘I’m still your dad and you’re still a Dingle and the rest of the family is ashamed at how you’re behaving.’

‘I don’t care,’ Samson replied. ‘Dingle’s just a name to me. It doesn’t mean I have to follow t’stupid code!’

He told Sam that things had changed ‘and you’re just too thick to notice. That is why I used to hate going to school – having to admit my dad’s the village idiot.’

A shocked Sam could only watch as Samson stormed out after reiterating that he wanted ‘nowt to do with Amelia or her kid.’

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