Queen Rania rarely wears ‘distinct’ £150k engagement ring – expert

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Queen Rania of Jordan, 52, married King Abdullah, 61, back in 1993 after she was proposed to with a gorgeous engagement ring. However, the Queen of Jordan does not always wear her engagement ring.

The concept of wearing engagement rings constantly is a Western tradition and not something usually practised in Islam, the religion followed by Queen Rania.

But King Abdullah did present Queen Rania a gorgeous engagement ring soon after they met in January 1993 at a dinner party.

Just recently, Queen Rania wore the ring at her daughter Princess Iman’s wedding on March 12, 2023.

Jessica Flinn-Allen, the CEO and founder of Jessica Flinn, exclusively told Express.co.uk: “The ring looks to be an oval cut diamond with a vintage-style halo design with a diamond set band.

“With a centre stone of approximately four to five carats, the ring could be worth between £100,000 and £150,000.

“Although other members of the Royal Family do not have anything like this ring, Queen Rania has consistently been seen with rings of similar and unique styles.

“From what we can see in the media, Queen Rania doesn’t often wear this ring and keeps it for special occasions like her daughter’s wedding. We can’t recall the last time she was seen wearing this ring.”

Another style expert expanded on the jewels included in the diamond engagement ring and why it is so unique.

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The leading wedding expert Lavinia Stewart-Brown, the founder and director of Stewart and Brown Events, told Express.co.uk: “Although kept under wraps and often not worn, Queen Rania’s ring is a canary tourmaline set with a circle of diamonds.

“The ring was designed in keeping with Rania’s wedding dress which included embroidered gold detailing.

“It was reported her bridesmaids also had matching yellow roses on the wedding day.

“Tourmaline is a unique stone, made from a mineral group well known to produce gemstones in a selection of striking colours.

“The canary tourmaline is a yellow elbaite which owes its distinct colour to manganese.”

Lavinia explained other reasons why Rania might not wear her engagement ring that often.

She commented: “Although a lot of other royals are seen in their engagement or family jewellery frequently, Queen Rania is not often pictured wearing her ring which is reportedly due to it being a personal memory.

“Working within the industry, I often find that brides’ personal taste changes and it has been reported that the Jordanian Queen’s ring has been modified since the wedding.”

Leroy Dawkins, a celebrity stylist, also spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to compare Rania’s engagement ring and that of her future daughter-in-law, Rajwa Al Saif, who is engaged to Rania’s eldest son.

He claimed: “It is not a must for ladies to receive engagement rings in the Jordanian Royal Family.

“So Queen Rania’s engagement ring is not similar to other female members of the Jordanian Royal Family. The Queen’s son HRH Crown Prince Hussein is engaged to his bride-to-be Rajwa.

“On the announcement of their engagement, the Crown Prince chose to give his bride-to-be a rather huge pear-shaped diamond ring which is a little more mainstream.”

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