Keanu Reeves hopes to be Hollywyood star in his 70s – just like idol Liam Neeson

Keanu Reeves hopes his “particular set of skills” will mean he’s still a movie action man in his 70s – like his idol Liam Neeson.

The Point Break actor, 58, trained relentlessly to return as hitman John Wick for a fourth time.

And he told the Daily Star Sunday he dreams of still taking action roles in 12 years like his idol Liam.

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Hollywood legend Keanu said when asked if he would like to emulate Taken star Liam’s action man career: “He’s a legend, isn’t he?

“He’s amazing. I could only be so lucky to have that kind of career and opportunities.”

Keanu said he struggles to stay in shape for his roles as he nears 60 – just like Liam.

Neeson, 70, from Northern Ireland, says he is still managing to “get away with” his action roles despite being old enough to claim his free bus pass.

The Matrix actor Keanu said he has battled with harsh training regimes for the John Wick series – but adds he is “grateful” for the ability to train and appreciate the “beauty” of the franchise’s action sequences.

He added: “I mean, yeah, they’re not easier. But I think that that’s part of their gift, to be able to have the chance to try and, and just, I don’t know, I find the action in John Wick beautiful.

“It has its challenges and definitely, being older, you have to pay more attention to recovery. But it’s all right… I try and keep in shape.

“John Wick is a particular kind of being in shape. But I think that’s kind of what the training’s for. It’s not bodybuilding. It’s not fitness.

“You know, you’re moving people, all of the Judo throws. There’s really a lot of interactive fighting in the films.

“And so just trying to get the core and the base. And also, it’s really about trying to, not survive, but to be able to continue to do it day after day after day.”

Keanu added that one of the biggest challenges he faced when preparing for John Wick: Chapter 4 was learning nunchaku techniques.

But he insisted none of it was “painful” as he was focused on realising director Chad Stahelski’s “vision”.


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