I got so much hate for calling my daughter ‘after a fart’ – now I've got a baby boy and people are slamming his name too | The Sun

SHE was slammed by trolls after calling her daughter "Poot" – with some even saying the nickname sounded "like a fart".

And now Abbie Herbert is causing controversy once again, after revealing her newborn son's moniker.

Abbie and husband Josh welcomed their second child into the world earlier this month, and have been sharing videos of their new life as a family-of-four on social media.

"The night before baby brother joined our family," Abbie wrote over a recent TikTok.

In the clip, she asked Poot: "Who are you going to meet tomorrow?"

"Baby J," the affectionately-named Poot replied.

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"Baby J? What’s his name?" Abbie asked her daughter, whose real name is Poppy.

"Jagger!" she then revealed.

Poppy then sang Happy Birthday and Rock a Bye Baby to her mum's bump as the pair concluded the video by saying: "Love you Jagger".

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on the name choice, with one person writing: "Oh no pls, not Jagger. I’m so sorry."

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"Sounds very close to Dagger," another added.

"Not to be mean or anything, it’s just that it reminds me of Jagermeister," a third commented.

"WTF.. the names," someone else wrote.

"No hate but these names don’t get any better," another said.

"I feel sorry for your kids," someone else raged.

"Why are people being horrible about the name choice?" another hit back.

"Poppy and Jagger are lovely names."

"I wouldn't choose it for mine but I think it's cute," someone else said.

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