Stacey sells pictures of herself online as cash crisis deepens in EastEnders

EastEnders’ Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) has found herself really struggling amid the cost of living crisis, and turning to a loan shark has only made matters worse.

The Slater matriarch barely managed to scrape together the money to pay off dodgy Shiv, with money earnt by Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) selling pictures of his feet proving to be her saving grace.

Stacey was repulsed by his business scheme, but allowed him to send off one more set of photos if it meant paying off their debts.

However, Stacey was in for a shock when she handed over the money to loan shark Shiv, only for him to demand £200 more by the following day.

Horrified Stacey insisted that she didn’t have any more money, but Shiv threatened her to ‘find it’.

‘I think she’s scared of him.’ Actress Lacey Turner revealed. ‘He’s a very creepy man. He’s not a normal thug, he’s a creepy thug.’

Desperate, Stacey made a phone call to Freddie asking him to continue selling his photos, but was left high and dry when he revealed that he was too busy.

It was then that an idea struck her, as she looked down at her own feet.

Not long later, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) wandered in to find Stacey with her foot up on the table and her camera pointed at her toes.

Stacey quickly revealed that Freddie was busy, and she needed to pay off Shiv.

She begged Eve, who found the whole situation hilarious, not to tell anyone.

It has been revealed that Stacey will soon take things even further as she makes an Only Fans account, in order to sell photos of herself to help pay off her debts.

An insider revealed to that: ‘Stacey is really struggling at the moment and will do whatever she can for her family.’

Will Shiv accept that he has got everything he can from her, or will he continue to push?

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