I’m poor after doing a £150 haul with Select – I got some gorgeous new outfits but everything was so expensive | The Sun

SHE wanted some new clothes after losing weight, so hit high street store Select to pick up a few options.

And Antonia was so excited to see so many fab ensembles in the shop, that she ended up spending £150 – and that was with a 20% student discount.

She took to TikTok to share a video of her haul, as she began: "Did I spend £150 in Select? I did.

"And that was with 20% off. I’m informing you right now that I am poor, I am poor."

She did manage to get £63 off her purchases with the discount, however.

"I was happy with that," she said.

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"And this isn’t even an ad by the way – I just went there completely off my own back.

"I needed some more clothes that fit me because I still had size 20 clothes and I’m not a size 20 no more."

She began her trying on session with a cute jumper dress, which she'd got in a size 8 for £16.99.

A red pinafore dress was up next, for £26.99, which Antonia said was "giving all the vibes"

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She then tried on a striped black and yellow T-shirt, with a pair of black jeans that she'd got in a size 10.

And while she'd managed to get the jeans done up, she said she "couldn't breathe" in them, so would be returning them for the next size up.

She's got a pair of leather look leggings in a size XS, saying: "I’m surprised I’m in an extra small to be honest when I’m not even fitting in a 10 in those jeans."

Antonia then tried on a long-sleeved black crop top which was from a seamless set.

Looking at the price tag, she noted it was £18.99 just for the top, as she exclaimed: "What the f**k Select, that’s a bit expensive."

She was happier with the next top though – a £12.99 cream ribbed crop top she said she'd be buying in "every colour in the shop".

In the second part of her haul, Antonia tried on two shirts, a leather-look miniskirt, a white floaty top and a sweater-style dress that she had "high hopes" for but admitted she'd be returning.

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on her haul, with one writing: "Them prices are high for select, also in your other vid i couldn’t believe some of the prices.

"Everything used to be like fiver decades ago lol," another added.

"I didn’t realise select got so expensive! The audacity!

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"I’m sure everything used to be a fiver, then again I haven’t been in there for donkeys!"

As Antonia commented: "I look shocked when I look at some of the tags because I got paid and felt rich and now regret it."

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