New 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor' Teases Game's Story, Reveals New Antagonist

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is set to release at the tail end of April, and ahead of its launch EA has provided a peek behind the curtain with the launch of the game’s story trailer. Protagonist Cal Kestis is back — older, wiser and stronger — as are his allies Cere, Greez and Merrin, but there are also plenty of new faces and places, plus a new antagonist, that can be seen in the trailer.

Set five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Survivor is centered around Kestis’ quest to find a place where the Galactic Empire can’t follow him and he and his friends can finally have peace. “Familiar friends and new allies – Cere Junda (Debra Wilson), Greez Dritus (Daniel Roebuck), Merrin (Tina Ivlev), and the newly introduced mercenary Bode Akuna (Noshir Dalal) – stand by Cal’s side against the Empire and galaxy’s most ruthless foes,” EA says in the synopsis of the story. “Cal’s quest will take him to new planets and familiar frontiers in the Star Wars galaxy, including Koboh, which is the home of the Bedlam Raiders.”

Another key reveal is the aforementioned antagonist, who wields a yellow lightsaber and chides Kestis while tossing an empty stormtrooper helmet at his feet: “How could you let the galaxy fall to this unworthy machine of an Empire?” No information on this character has been revealed at the time of writing, but with the game set to launch this spring, Star Wars fans should know more very soon.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be available for the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S from April 28. It could also be the second game in a three-game trilogy, with rumors swirling that if Survivor does well production on a third installment will begin.

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