People always say the same thing about my colourful house – but I pay the rent so it's MY home, leave me alone | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at people criticising her for decking out her rented house, insisting she pays the rent so it's HER home.

Carmen is known for decorating the front of her house depending on the time of year, and currently has giant daffodils adorning the outside.

But things inside the property are just as colourful and vibrant, as she showed in a video on her TikTok page.

"POV: Your landlord comes to inspect your house," Carmen wrote over the clip, as she took the camera into the house.

As well as green walls as soon as she walked in, there was an astronaut figure attached to the wall, and green and silver stairs.

The kitchen featured a white and yellow striped fridge, hot pink worktops and cupboards that had the appearance of sprinkles.

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While in the front room was leopard-print cupboards, striped wallpaper, coloured table and chairs and even a donut beanbag.

"Yes it's rented but I pay the rent right?" Carmen captioned her video.

"So it's my house. No negative comments please."

Despite Carmen predicting a trolling in the comments section, the majority of people insisted they didn't see a problem with how she'd decorated the house.

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"If you plan to pay to have it put back they way it was when you moved in, I don’t see an issue," one wrote.

"yep totally plus I've actually improved it as I've redone the whole garden, built a 12ft summer house and painted the fascias," Carmen replied.

"The way I just screamed, I love this!" another added.

"And people tell me I’m doing too much by wallpapering my walls."

"All I see is clean and welled cared for bc some renters are horrid," a third commented.

"idk why people are so mean about people adding decoration to the house they're paying for," someone else wrote.

"They act as if you're gonna leave it like that if you move."

"I agree you pay for it so should be able make it unique as long as you leave it in the condition was in no one should care," another added.

But others insisted it wouldn't be accepted in their home country.

"As an ex renter in Australia I can say I got reported for an extra hook once – on a wall with 3 other hooks," one wrote.

"in Ireland, you couldn't even hang a picture on a wall in rented accommodation," another added.

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"i rent my house to a lady and the contract says that you have to ask me first before changing anything," a third wrote.

"It's in Belgium."

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