I'm a size 16-18 and tried Kim Kardashian's Skims – I'm in love with the leggings but glad I know the brand's sizing | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE content creator who tried several items from the Skims range has given her verdict.

Her honest appraisal was complimented by the brand, which described her as "stunning" in a comment to her post.

The shapewear company was co-founded by Kim Kardashian, and its tight sizing has become the subject of various viral posts.

Sara Vee (@saritavee) was the latest to try some popular items from their range.

“For my plus-size baddies, looking to get some Skims," she announced.

In her post, she admitted she was a little concerned about how it would fit on her curvy body.

“So I’m kind of aware of Skim sizing, so I definitely sized up on pieces this time around," she admitted.

First up were the camel outerwear leggings that she got in a size 3X.

They were a super fit, she said: “I’m so glad I got the size I did. I feel like they are super stretchy though, so if I would have gone with a 2X it would have fitted fine."

"I am in love," she declared.

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Then came the Fits Everybody T-Shirt, $48, again in a 3X, and she was super impressed:"Girl, it is so freaking good again.

Finally, she tried the Fits Everybody Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, $54, and this didn't fail to disappoint either.

“I am in love with this freaking color," she beamed. "I feel like you can even get away with wearing it in the summertime, just because it is very thin breathable material.”

Her enthusiastic post caught the attention of Skims, who called her, "Stunning," in comments to her post.

Followers thought so too and loved how the items looked on her: “Oh, these are so cute," said one.

She would have liked the final comment: “They look bomb. Kim don’t play," opined this viewer.

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