Camillas body language looked suspicious with Donald Trump – claims

Camilla winks during meeting with Donald Trump in 2019

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Donald and Melania Trump visited the UK on a state visit in 2019 as the then-President and First Lady and popped into Clarence House to meet with Charles and Camilla. The Duchess of Cornwall, as she was then known, was seen winking at the cameras as she followed her husband and the US President.

The clip went viral at the time, mainly due to Camilla’s wide smile as she made the wink, implying there was an in-joke between her and the camera people.

As Donald Trump’s UK visit harboured a lot of media attention at the time, it’s likely that Camilla was aware her body language would be closely analysed.

As the Royal Family cannot be political, Camilla’s wink could have been controversially seen as an indication towards her political views about the then-President.

But the Queen Consort appeared to enjoy the moment and laugh about meeting a polarising figure such as Donald Trump.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain what Queen Camilla was saying with her body language at the time.

She said: “This wink at the press from Camilla was a tie-sign to suggest a secretive exchange of thoughts during Trump’s visit.”

However, the expert argues that this body language gesture from the then-Duchess was rather “suspicious”.

Judi explained: “In many ways, it looks suspiciously like a rather knowing gesture of disrespect for the US president.”

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As the then-Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, Charles and Camilla were not the main members of the Royal Family to meet the Trumps.

The late Queen Elizabeth II had already greeted the former US President earlier that day.

Judi continued: “Charles had been seen standing back from the main group with his wife as the late Queen played host to the POTUS and FLOTUS.”

The body language expert noted that the royal couple were already joking about something between themselves.

She explained: “They did appear to be whispering and laughing together, so the suggestion is that this wink is part of that sense of light-hearted mockery.”

Judi suggested that Camilla acted like she was performing in a theatre, due to her body language “gesture”.

She added: “In theatrical terms, it would be an aside to the audience and therefore not the most flattering gesture to the cameras.

“This is because President Trump was busy taking his visit very seriously at this point.”

Royal fans loved the Queen Consort’s viral social media moment and took to Twitter to express their view.

Twitter user @tiggywr5 said: “I loved it when Camilla turned smiled then just gave a knowing wink at the press as the Donald left the room. Priceless.”

Royal fan @queenb57330198 added: “She appears to have a wicked sense of humour. I like that in our Queen!”

Twitter user @helenridge01 wrote: “I love that wink from Camilla! Trump told Charles where to stand… then again he did walk right in front of the Queen in 2018.”

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