I'm an eye doctor – there’s an easy way to get drops in WITHOUT even opening your eyes, and it works on kids and adults | The Sun

FOR many parents, giving your child eye drops can be an absolute nightmare.

But one paediatric ophthalmologist has revealed a quick and easy way to administer the drops – and you don't even have to put them into open eyes.

"Need help putting drops in your kids or even your own eyes?" Dr Wong began her Instagram Reel.

"I’ve got a tip for you – watch this. You don’t actually have to open your eyes.

"Elevating your lids and put the drops in the centre of the eye.

"You can keep your eyes closed, pile a bunch in the corner and when you open your eye, it will seep in."

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She added in the caption: "This eye drop hack works for kids and adults!

"A lot of people hate putting in eye drops. I’ve seen it all. People trying to strategically place drops in from like 4 feet in the air, carefully prying open the top and bottom lids while doing so.

"This can really freak a kid (or an adult) out. And it’s not necessary.

"Simply pile a couple of the drops in the inner corner of a CLOSED eye. When you or your child opens, the drop actually seeps into the eye."

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Dr Wong added that for most eye drops, it doesn't matter if you get a couple of extra in.

"You do have to be careful with steroid drops however, because they can raise the pressure inside the eye," she warned.

"Thank you," one person commented on the video.

"You might actually stop children from getting traumatised like I did, aged 6, with conjunctivitis- held down with parents and brothers to get the drops in while I screamed and flailed around.

"I still can't put drops into my eyes today, aged 53, so thank you for this."

"Game changer!!" another wrote.

"I am a pharmacy tech will certainly remember this to tell our patients."

"This is amazing!!" a third praised.

"Saving this hack for my peds rotation. Thank you!!"

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