Corrie fans work out Stephens next victim as killer makes sinister move

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    Coronation Street's Stephen Reid has already claimed two victims and fans believe they have worked out who the third will be.

    The businessman murdered father and son, Teddy and Leo Thompkins and has recently turned his attention to Carla Connor as he continues to drug her with LSD.

    During Wednesday's episode (March 15), Stephen laced the Underworld manager's drink with a double dose of the drug and took things one step further on Friday (March 17) when he broke into her flat.

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    While Carla was asleep, Stephen set fire to the grill.

    A puzzled Carla woke up to Roy in the kitchen who was putting out the blaze, insisting she didn't cook anything.

    Carla, who made the decision to go back on her psychotic medication earlier in the episode, was distraught and admitted to Peter that she needs help.

    With Carla right where he wants her, there is only one person that could stand in Stephen's way – Rufus.

    At the end of Wednesday's episode, Rufus sat down with Stephen in The Rovers and revealed he was onto him.

    Rufus theorised that Stephen has been drugging Carla to make people think she is no longer fit to run Underworld, which paves the way for him to take over.

    And during tonight's episode, Stephen could be heard on the phone to Rufus, begging to know what he wants in exchange for keeping his secret.

    But fans believe this means Rufus could be on Stephen's hit list as one wrote: "I'm convinced Stephen will get caught for spiking Carla after he kills Rufus".

    "Let’s be honest, Stephen is going to kill Rufus and this storyline is going to go on for months," penned a second viewer.

    Another speculated: "Stephen will kill Rufus next".

    "Well sleezy Rufus has come up trumps… or is Stephen going to kill him before he can tell anyone?!" shared a fourth.

    Echoing this, another theorised: "It’s only a matter of time before he kills Rufus".

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