Love Island 2023’s dramatic unaired moments from Kai’s ‘axe’ to recoupling tears

As the current season of Love Island draws to a close, the second ever winter series has definitely delivered plenty of drama.

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan, Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins, Tayna Menhenga and Shaq Muhammad, Tom Clare and Samie Elishi have all made it through to the final of the 2023 winter series of the ITV show.

And while the drama has been keeping us all entertained, dumped Islanders have since revealed plenty of dramatic moments that didn’t even make the final cut. Here are a few of the most explosive…

Martin predicted the end of Claudia and Casey

Martin, who was dumped from the villa whenTanya Manhengachose her former partner Shaq Muhammed over him, spilled the tea on spin-off show Love Island: Aftersun sharing some unaired drama regarding Casey O'Gorman leaving Claudia Fogarty for bombshell Rosie Seabrook.

It seems Martin knew this would happen all along, as when Claudia asked him what he thought of her and Casey, he said he saw more “friendship vibes”.

"I told her that and she asked me what do I think if a bombshell comes in – would Casey switch – and I said I think so," Martin told Love Island host Maya Jama.

He continued: "I pulled Casey [for a chat] and was like, 'Yeah, I said it', and he was like, 'You know what? You're right, I agree with you."

There was a divide between the girls

Ellie Spencer, who was dumped from the villa alongside Jordan Odofin, claimed in a recent YouTube video that there was a serious “divide” between the girls because Lana, Samie and Tanyel “all liked Ron".

She said: “I could have never predicted how hostile the girls would be about my entrance and the way that I went in.”

She continued: “Everybody loved Lana Banana so much, and we were annoyed [at Ron] for her… It’s not that Ron’s a bad person, I think he’s a really nice person… It’s just that some situations that you’re in and the way you act, it’s annoying for people to have to live in it.”

According to Ellie, the altercation between Shaq and Ron over the "dishes" would have been more understandable if viewers had seen the earlier conflicts that occurred in the villa. Ellie also alleged that Ron had been flirting with Samie even after getting back together with Lana, and that Shaq acted as the group's moral compass by confronting him about it.

Casa Amor recoupling ended in tears

Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo has disclosed that the final version of the show did not include the heart-wrenching footage of her breakdown during the Casa Amor recoupling.

The 25-year-old dental assistant had high hopes of being chosen by Casey, a 26-year-old recruitment consultant with whom she had developed a strong connection while on the ITV program. However, Casey decided to recouple with Claudia Fogarty instead.

Cynthia has now revealed that she was actually in tears after Casey's decision, which ultimately led to her departure from the show.

When asked about the rejection during an interview with FUBAR Radio, she said: “I made a comment of 'I guess I'm the girl that never gets picked' and Ron was basically saying 'Cyn I promise you someone will pick you' and that's when I really started to cry and I turned around. That's what set me off.”

Kai almost got sent home

Olivia and Maxwell revealed an awkward unaired moment after being dumped from the show, thanks to Jessie confusing two of her fellow Islanders. Tom Clare, Haris, and Kai were in danger of being eliminated from the villa in the first two weeks, and it was up to Jessie and her Australian partner, Aaron Waters, to decide who would leave.

According to Olivia, Jessie called out Kai's name, prompting everyone to rush to comfort him. However, they soon realized that Jessie had made a mistake and meant to call out someone else's name.

"At that moment, we thought he was leaving," said Olivia. "So I went up to Jessie and thanked her for saving Haris and Tom because, at that point, I was deciding between the two of them."

It was then that Jessie admitted to calling out the wrong name, leaving everyone feeling very awkward.

Tanyel and Ellie's argument

Tanyel revealed in an interview withDigital Spyafter leaving the villa that she and Ellie had a major argument that was not shown.

She said: “I had a really, really, funny, bad argument with Ellie. I think it would have shown my more fiery side. I literally had word vomit, I could not help how I felt. Honestly, just everything I felt, I said it.”

“I think it would have been nice for them to see my fiery side and how, like, I’ve always been direct to say how it is but I really said how it was.”

Tanyel explained that the argument was caused by her fellow contestants believing she was defending Ron.

“Ellie decided to pipe up and get quite rude and question my loyalty. I went mad after that so no one could ever question my loyalty when it comes to my friends and family.”

Ellie sort of confirmed this in a TikTok video saying, “everyone was feuding, there were arguments left and right that never got aired.”


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