Spoilers: Naomi’s horror as Charles gets rid of Alex in Emmerdale

Naomi (Karene Peter) split up with her previous boyfriend Nate (Jurell Carter) in Emmerdale because she thought he was ‘boring.’ There is something to be aid for boring, though, when you consider that for excitement Naomi decided that her next boyfriend should be none other than Alex Moore (Liam Boyle).

This is drug addict Alex who is the father of Dawn (Olivia Bromley)’s son Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall). Who had an affair with Dawn’s best friend and also fathered a child with her – Clemmie (Mabel Addison), who Dawn and Billy (Jay Kontzle) recently adopted. When we last saw him he was trying to get money from Dawn and Billy, otherwise he would take Clemmie away from them.

Kim and Will united to sort him out, applying enough pressure that it didn’t look like we’d be seeing him back in the Dales any time soon.

But, like a bad smell he has returned and captured the attention of Naomi – much to Charles (Kevin Mathurin)’s annoyance. All of his attempts to convince his daughter that Alex is a wrong ‘un have failed to deter her so far, and hearing from Dawn exactly how bad Alex can be has only made him worry more.

In upcoming episodes Charles is at his wits’ end as he fails to get through to Naomi about what kind of character Alex is. Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) cautions him that he needs to give Alex a chance, but he’s not willing to put her at risk any longer and comes up with a cunning plan by encouraging Alex to go for a job interview.

It’s good news for Alex when he gets the job, but Naomi is fuming when she hears about it – because it’s in Wales.

Alex starts to have second thoughts about taking the job as it’s so far away, but Charles uses all his powers of persuasion to convince him that it’s an excellent idea – and being an ex-convict Alex doesn’t really have a choice.

But how will Naomi react when she discovers that her dad deliberately ruined her romance?

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