Soaps most devastating accidents – Corrie canal plunge to Emmerdale 14-car crash

This week on Home and Away, Felicity and Tane's wedding ends in disaster when several Summer Bay residents are involved in a car accident.

As Eden swerves into oncoming traffic, Justin and Leah's car hurls into a fence leaving Leah impaled by a post, while Eden and Felicity are sent flying into a service station, crashing into a petrol terminal.

The horror about to unravel on the Channel 5 soap is just the beginning and is next on a long list of car accidents portrayed on soaps.

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From Coronation Street 's infamous canal plunge to the 14 vehicle crash on Emmerdale, Daily Star has looked back at the most devastating car accidents from over the years.

14-vehicle crash

Emmerdale fans will remember the epic crash that occurred in 2016 involving 14 vehicles.

A deranged Emma Barton kicked everything off, pushing her ex-husband James Barton off a bridge which saw him land on the windscreen of Ashley Thomas' car.

As the vicar's car crashed over, Pierce Harris swerved to avoid the disaster but ended up being hit by a van.

Adding to the devastation, Paddy Kirk and then wife Rhona Goskirk ended up flipping over before another car went into the back of them.

Also involved was Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden who, in the midst of a disagreement, headed full speed through a barrier before flying off the road into a quarry, becoming submerged under water.

As the water levels rose, Robert did everything he could to free his boyfriend who was trapped under the steering column of the sinking car.

Robert managed to drag Aaron out but headed back into the wreckage to rescue Lachlan, whom he believed was trapped in the boot.

The horror smash left several lives hanging in the balance, with both Aaron and Rhona being taken to hospital with life threatening injuries.

But as most of the residents managed to survive, it was James who died in hospital from his injuries.

Canal plunge

One of the most memorable car accidents in Coronation Street was when Richard Hillman attempted to kill himself along with his entire family.

The serial killer went on the run in 2003 after his crimes were uncovered but returned to the Cobbles a few weeks later.

He kidnapped his wife Gail Platt, his stepchildren Sarah and David Platt, as well as Sarah's young daughter Bethany, binding and gagging them in his car in a garage.

Richard started up the car and confessed he was going to kill them all, but sped off into the night after being interrupted by Kevin Webster.

After he drove the family into the Weatherfield canal, Gail and the children were saved by Tommy Harris and Martin Platt.

Despite escaping the submerged vehicle, Richard drowned and his body was identified by Gail.

Tampered breaks

As fans prepare to witness the horror events set to unfold this week on Home and Away, viewers will be transported back to the devastating accident involving favourite Dexter Walker.

Back in 2012, Ruby Buckton couldn't deal with the breakdown of her relationship with Romeo Smith and was forced to watch as he tried to win back his ex-wife Indi Walker.

Enraged with jealousy, Ruby decided to tamper with the breaks on Indi's car in order to get her out of the picture once and for all.

But when Dex borrowed his sister's car to help move things into his new place, he was unable to break and ended up crashing the car which flipped multiple times off the road.

The Summer Bay resident was taken to hospital with major injuries and came inches away from death.

Dex was then diagnosed with a brain injury, leaving him initially unable to speak and experiencing seizures.

Janine frames Linda

Last year, Janine stooped to a new low after framing Linda Carter for a harrowing car crash.

The villain was desperate to stop Linda from spilling her secrets to Mick and began driving an intoxicated Linda and her infant daughter Annie back to Walford.

As the two woman engaged in a shouting match, Janine was forced to swerve the vehicle and crashed straight into a tree.

The impact left Linda unconscious and severely injured as she was taken to hospital and put in an induced coma.

Linda was led to believe she got behind the wheel drunk and faced serious police charges as a result.

Janine's scheming was finally revealed in a major showdown on Christmas Day and resulted in another car accident involving her, Linda and Mick.

As Janine tried to evade being taken to the police, she abruptly left in her car with the recently reunited couple in pursuit.

Linda got into Janine's car after she attempted to flee once again, but the vehicle ended up plummeting off a cliff, leaving the two women submerged in the sea.

Mick launched himself off the cliff to save Linda, but presumably drowned as his body was never recovered from the water.

Train crash

The love story between Aaron and Jackson Walsh remains a fan favourite storyline of the soap, with Jackson being the central part of Aaron's coming out storyline.

After an argument, Jackson told Aaron that he loves him but was gutted when Aaron couldn't say the same back.

Following a night out with Paddy and Marlon Dingle, the couple end up arguing again as Jackson believed his feelings weren't matched by Aaron's.

As Jackson sped off into the night, he leant over to try and answer Aaron's call but lost control of his van and crashed into a railway line.

A bloodied Jackson survived the crash, but disaster struck when a train collided with the upturned vehicle.

After Jackson woke up from life support, he discovered he had two broken bones in his neck, paralysing him from the neck down.

The plot took an even more heartbreaking turn when Jackson admitted to Aaron he couldn't go on like this and asked him to help end his life.

After Jackson's mum, Hazel, failed to give him the lethal cocktail of drugs, Aaron took the cup and gave it to Jackson before watching him die.

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