Kate Middleton Earned This Nickname On TikTok After Eagle-Eye Fans Noticed Her Adorable Subtle Habit

Remember when people would hate on girls for wooing with excitement (especially that one How I Met Your Mother episode that talked a ton of trash?) Well, that’s a thing of the past because eagle-eyed fans just discovered Kate Middleton is a bit of a woo girl herself!

On March 1, the TikTok fan account for Kate called @l0velycatherine shared a now-viral video to the platform showing Kate’s woo-ing habit. They shared the compilation video with the caption, “she’s so adorable 😻🤏🏽 | #katemiddleton #princesscatherine #fyp cttro!”

she’s so adorable 😻🤏🏽 | #katemiddleton #princesscatherine #fyp cttro!

♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

In the video compilation, we see the “lil habit” in a series of photos and videos of the Princess of Wales. We start with the most recent video of her beating William in games, with her doing a little woo and dance, followed by clips of her doing the same habit while playing tabletop tennis and rugby.

We then end the 15-second video with clips of her doing the same habit while playing against William, and again (but way more exaggerated and happy) after a soccer match!

Safe to say, fans are losing it and think this is beyond adorable, with many saying, “Kate is a ‘woo girl’ 😂🥰.” So it’s official: no one can ever hate on a woo girl since the Princess of Wales is one!

There’s also another pattern here: it’s always after a sporting match of some kind. Now, nearly everyone in the British Royal Family is sporty as can be, but Kate’s definitely one of the most athletic in the group. She’s been seen skiing, doing archery, rugby, racing, sailing, soccer, cricket, golf, and of course, tennis (which she paired throughout her formative years!) It’s official: we’re all woo girls now.

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