Cat turns up at home covered in pink lipstick kisses

He’s got options! White cat turns up at his home covered in pink lipstick kisses much to his owner’s amusement

  • The owner of a white cat was left in stitches when he turned up covered in kisses 
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A pet owner was left in stitches after his white cat turned up at his home covered in pink lipstick kisses from another person.

Posting on Reddit’s r/aww forum, the owners of the cat, Cotton Candy, amused the internet after posting pictures of the feline after seemingly receiving numerous kisses from an unknown admirer. 

Cotton Candy lives with owner Arivane, 54, in Florianópolis in southern Brazil, where their house has a big backyard filled with trees for exploring.

He is the oldest cat of three, as the family also own Kimi and Xuxu, and loves to spend his time outside.

Speaking to Newsweek, Arivane revealed: ‘It all happened very suddenly. He appeared all kissed and we didn’t know what had happened. We went to check and discovered a hole in the fence that surrounds our land.’  

Cotton Candy (pictured), a snowy white cat from South Brazil, returned home one day covered in pink lipstick kisses 

It is common for felines to stay within the confines of their own land, but Cotton Candy must have found this hole and found a new admirer. 

When he turned up at home sporting his lipstick makeover, Ariane and the family were in stitches.

He suggested that perhaps the cat or his admirer had lifted the screen of the garden’s protection to see each other. 

Describing the snowy feline as sweet and loving, Arivane was still surprised to see the amount of kisses Cotton Candy had received and quickly took to Reddit. 

Arivane shared two snaps of the cat with the caption: ‘My cat showed up at my house like this today. Apparently, we have a cat lover in our street.’

Over 2,000 people have now commented, with many finding the cat’s lipstick look absolutely hilarious. 

Cotton Candy’s owner Arivane posted snaps of the beloved feline to Reddit and had the internet in stitches 

Over 2,000 people have now commented, with many finding the cat’s lipstick look absolutely hilarious, with one person jokingly suggesting to look for the ‘old woman with furry lips’ 

One person joked: ‘Cat’s just letting you know they’ve got options’ While another posted: ‘Scientists say cats have no sense of humour. I say scientists are wrong.’

A third commented: ‘Who is just out there kissing random cats lol’ And a fourth joked: ‘She’s easy to find. Just look for the old woman with the furry lips.’ 

Other users shared stories of when their cats had found themselves in similar positions. 

Other users shared stories of when their cats had found themselves in similar positions. One cat kept turning up looking she had a full face of make up 

Someone commented: ‘It’s actually funny, My cat sleeps at the neighbour’s house. And their cat sleeps at my house. 

‘Sometimes it will be the opposite how it should be. Maybe one day both cats will be at my house then the next both will be at his. Every day is a different day and we have no clue what to expect Haha.’

A third told the story: ‘We had a stray show up when I was little. He was super friendly (to people at least, he and our other male cat never got along) and he just decided he was our cat. He was ours for about a year until he just sort of left.

‘One day we saw him sitting in a neighbour’s window with a collar on. Apparently he decided he was over us and moved on to a new family. He still stopped by once in a while when we had our doors open to grab a quick snack. 

‘He got pretty fat double dipping on 2 homes worth of food. That cat was the ultimate con artist survivor.’

And a fourth posted: ‘My cat used to come home looking like she was covered in makeup… Blue eye shadow, blush… Turned out and was rolling on people’s pastel drawings as I lived next to an art institute.’ 

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