Fuming Love Island fans spot exact moment Casey LIES to Will’s face – did you see it? | The Sun

LOVE Island fans were shocked after witnessing Casey LIE to best pal Will’s face.

It was an explosive episode last night after Will was told Casey and Maxwell had called Jessie "fake".

Pulling him up on it, Will said: "The accusations that have been thrown about tonight are that Jessie's fake and not genuine."

He then asked Casey directly: "In conversations, has the word 'fake' been used?"

"No, not fake," said Casey.

"An act, maybe."


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Pushing Casey for more information, Will said: "I had a conversation with Maxwell and he had the understanding you very much had the same views."

But Casey denied what he'd previously been filmed saying, telling Will: "It's got nothing to do with me. I think he pulled me for a chat because we're close enough for me to tell you that she's not being genuine."

Asked if he thinks Jessie is genuine, Casey replied; "Yes, I think she's genuine."

One angry fan said: "Casey tries soooo hard to be the nice guy he’s actually worse. All he does is LIE.

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"Should have known all the way back when he made that 'nice guys finish last' comment. A weasel.

"He may not have done anything wrong to Claudia but he did consistently lie."

Someone else said: "Did Casey just lie to Will? I’m sure we all watched him speak to Tom & Samie AND Maxwell about Jessie not being genuine."

Another added: "Olivia & Casey lie so bad when we quite literally have them on CAMERA."

A viewer said: "Casey can LIE because you wasn’t saying this to sammie and tom #LoveIsland."

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