I thought it’d be cute to get my son a hamster – turns out it’s a menace… even the THREE cages I bought can’t contain it | The Sun

EVERY kid wants a fluffy friend to take care of, but when one mum finally caved a bought her son a hamster she had no idea what she'd let herself in for.

The cute hamster turned out to be a total menace and despite mum-of-two Sky Marie's best efforts, the four legged friend destroyed her home too.

Posting on TikTok, Skye explained she "thought it would be a good idea" to get her son the hamster, after all how much chaos could the tiny pet create?

Well, as it turns out – a lot.

Things started off great and her son loved the hamster, called Bootsy, but soon the sneaky fur-ball managed to chew it's way through the cage and escaped.

"He had to live in the bath for a day until his new cage came," Skye explained.


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The new cage was extra secure to keep the hamster safe and sound… or so the mum thought.

Somehow, Bootsy squeezed out of the new cage as well, and no matter how many times he got put back in, he found a way out.

But the cage was no match for the little Bootsy's ninja skills and he was once again nowhere to be found in the morning.

Not only was the pet on the run, but during the night he chewed through Skye's carpet, leading her to believe it was hiding in the floor boards.

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"If you're think of getting a hamster just don't bother," the mum captioned the clip.

There was no sign of missing Bootsy 10 days, minus some chewed tomatoes on day seven.

Then finally he showed up casually hiding under a chest of drawers, much to Skye's surprise.

Her video quickly went viral, racking up a whopping 4.1 million views with people desperate to hear the latest about the runaway pet.

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