The 8 Biggest Business Ventures Of Pharrell Williams, Ranked

He’s a successful recording artist, producer, musician and fashion designer with a net worth of $250 million, but Pharrell Williams isn’t stopping there.

The “Happy” singer has made connections across Hollywood and a variety of industries and he isn’t afraid to take a risk when it comes to getting involved in business ventures.

The Virginia Beach native got his start playing the snare drum in the high school marching band and his skill for forming the lyrics and verse for hit songs was apparent in the early days. However, Williams has created an empire with his business savvy thinking, banking millions outside of the music industry.

Here are some of the biggest business ventures Williams has invested in to add to his massive success.

8 I am OTHER

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In 2012, Williams launched a multimedia record label with a dedicated YouTube channel and apparel lines. I am OTHER serves as an umbrella for all of Williams’ entrepreneurial plans. The YouTube channel was a part of YouTube’s $100 million original channel initiative and focuses on music, culture, fashion and the arts. Shows like Nardwuar posts celebrity interviews with the likes of Drake, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg. OTHERS by Hypebeast posts information on leaders in the fashion, food and technology industry.

7 A Fashion Icon

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Williams has been known for his own fashionable accessories (like a large brown hat) and clothing attire, and he’s taken his love of clothes to create a few of his own collections. Billionaire Boys Club, Billionaire Girls Club and Ice Cream are just a few of the fashion lines created by Williams. Earlier this year, Williams was named creative director of fashion icon Louis Vuitton’s menswear line and according to Rolling Stone, as the debut line with Vuitton hits the market this summer, his high-end streetwear brands with multiple retail locations across the world are sure to see an uptick in sales and interest.

6 Collaborating with Big Names

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Other established companies have taken notice and reached out to incorporate Williams’ creativity with their own. Humanrace is another fashion line Williams created in collaboration with Adidas Originals. The Humanrace collection includes clothing, a gender-neutral skincare set, and of course, sneakers that have been known to fly off the shelves. Fans enjoy everything from the simple Pharrell x Adidas kicks, including the Adidas stripe and Humanrace logo to more creative shoes like the NMD with bold colors and animal prints.

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5 Sunglasses and Jewelry

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Back in 2008, Williams co-designed sunglasses and jewelry for long-time business partner Louis Vuitton. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the “Despicable Me” composer created another sunglasses line for Moncler. He’s designed jewelry for the legendary Tiffany & Co. and has close relationships with celebrity jewelers, Lorraine Schwarz and Gabby Elan. In 2019, Williams teamed up with Chanel to co-create diamond and pearl brooches, necklaces and bracelets and is often seen sporting his own creations at public events.

4 Verizon Music

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Not just a phone, Verizon collaborated with Williams in 2019 to launch their music curriculum in a nationwide campaign for the Verizon Foundation Learning schools. The organization provides internet access and free technology to underserved middle school students. In addition, the Verizon Innovation Learning Lab is located in Williams’ hometown of Virginia Beach and features cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality and robotics education.

3 Creative Director

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Not only has Williams signed on with Vuitton, he’s also the first-ever creative director for American Express’s Platinum Card. The producer’s role includes creating rewards and benefits for cardholders and he’ll be able to use those creative juices for the card’s physical design. At the start of the collaboration, Williams made it clear he was not interested in simply being a spokesperson for the credit card, but wanted to feel emotionally attached to the project and have an impact on improvements with the company.

2 Furniture Design

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In 2021, according to Dezeen, Williams had a hand in the design of a new Miami hotel, Goodtime. With history of collaborating on the design of a two-tower residential development in Toronto, Williams enjoyed creating a feeling of revitalization and thrill by placing bold and unique pieces throughout the new building for guests to feel like they’ve left the world behind and can relax. Designers Ken Fulk, entrepreneur David Grutman and Williams have worked together in the past. In 2018, they created the candy-colored interior for the Swan and Bar Bevy, a restaurant in the Miami Design District.

1 Producing and Songwriting

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We can’t look at Williams’ business ventures without looking at what he calls, his “first love”. The massive success Williams has found through writing for other artists and producing their work has perhaps brought in more bank than any other project the musician has enjoyed. Not only has his personal music proven to be huge hits, at one point in the early 2000’s, nearly 50 percent of popular songs on the radio were produced by Williams. He produced Robin Thicke’s hit, “Blurred Lines”, Ed Sheeran’s “Sing” and other tracks for Beyonce, Britney Spears and Madonna, making him the go-to when artists are looking for a popular and hit song on their soundtrack.

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