Princess Eugenie following in Prince Harry to the US is ‘fantastic’

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It’s rumoured Princess Eugenie is ditching the UK for the US in her very own “Megxit” style relocation, and one expert has exclusively told Express the move will be “good” for the Royal Family.

Prince Andrew’s daughter, 32, and her husband Jack Brooksbank are currently on a trip to the States, with Princess Eugenie seen in LA in the past days at an art exhibition, the Frieze LA Preview in Santa Monica. This sighting goes someway to confirm the claims Eugenie and Jack are planning a move to the States.

It was reported a friend of Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank claimed the royal’s controversial cousin Prince Harry is sending them homes close to their own to look at. Eugenie is said to enjoy a close friendship with Prince Harry.

Harry, who recently published his controversial memoir Spare, is living in the luxurious Montecito community with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, with the likes of Adele and Kate Perry, and Orlando Bloom as neighbors. The $14M home has been their permanent residence for some years now.

Royal expert Nick Ede told Express Princess Eugenie making the move across the Atlantic would be “good for the Royal Family”, as well as a good thing for Harry and Meghan.

Eugenie and Jack are said to be eyeing up West Hollywood, Los Angeles, for rental units before taking the plunge and relocating.

The move may well be due to Eugenie’s husband Jack’s work, as the businessman is closely associated with US CEO Michael Meldman. Jack currently works for Meldman’s Discovery Land Company in Portugal, and previously worked for Casamigos Tequila, one of the founders of which is Meldman.

The Discovery Land Company develops luxury private residential communities for the rich and famous.

Nick said: “Jack does really well in business, and he’s a great guy. I think having them over there is going to be fantastic. Prince Harry is great friends with them, and Meghan is as well. I think sightings of Eugenie (in LA and Hollywood) will be great. She is great friends as well with the Branson family, Holly and the father, and the whole family.”

Holly Branson was a guest at Eugenie’s wedding to Jack is October 2018. The two women have been close for a number of years. Eugenie also attended Holly’s wedding to Fred Andrews in 2012.

Nick went on: “I think it will only be a good thing for the Royal Family and it will also be a great thing for Harry and Megan as well.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Eugenie has lived in the US. She lived in New York between 2013 and 2015 while working for an art business.

But despite her and her husband’s ties to the country, one royal expert claimed Eugenie was “breaking ranks” from the Firm by visiting Prince Harry in the US.

Royal expert and biographer Duncan Larcombe told OK!: “The royals have stayed quite consistent and firm when it comes to Harry and Meghan, as we’ve seen. Eugenie is breaking ranks from the rest of the royals by being seen so publicly to endorse Harry and Meghan in their new life.”

He went on: “It endorses what they said about the royals. No other member of the family would be seen dead anywhere near Harry and Meghan.”

However, the expert did seem to suggest Prince Harry maintaining his friendship with his cousin could be a good thing. He said: “There are those that think that Eugenie is Harry’s only hope of him being brought back in should things not work out in paradise, so at least he is talking to someone in the Royal Family. By seeing Eugenie there, it looks like the only link he still has with his family.”

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