Polyamorous quad admit they don't know which dad fathered our babies

Polyamorous ‘foursome’ who swap beds with each other nightly admit they don’t know who fathered two of their babies: ‘Genetics change nothing’

  • Polyamorous quad don’t know the paternity of youngest children
  • The men in the home ‘swap beds’ every few nights 

This family have ‘no idea’ who fathered their sons – as they partner swap ‘every other night’

A polyamorous ‘quad’ have admitted they have no idea who fathered the youngest two children in their family  – and don’t plan on finding out anytime soon.

The foursome, who live in Lebanon and dub themselves a ‘polyfamory’, said the two men in the house switch beds every other night so when their ‘wives’ fell pregnant within months of each other it was impossible to tell who the biological dad was.

They could do a DNA test to reveal the truth but the four adults share parenting responsibilities and therefore believe ‘it doesn’t matter’.

The family of eight consists of Alysia and Tyler Rogers who had two children of their own aged seven and eight before expanding their relationship with friends Sean and Taya Hartless. 

‘We wanted to do everything we could to make sure that everybody feels like an equal parent,’ Taya told Today.

‘At this point genetics would change nothing.’

The quad have decided it will be up to their children if they want to find out later and their fans are on board.

‘Unless there’s some medical reason, nobody needs to know! Y’all are a family,’ one woman said.

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The family of eight consist of Alysia and Tyler Rogers who had two children of their own, aged 7 and 8 before expanding their relationship 

‘They have four parents who absolutely love them and a beautiful family, that’s all that matters,’ said another.

Others asked how they chose a last name and the family replied that they ‘use both’.

The couples moved in together and started co-parenting the older children in 2020.

Then in 2021 they were ready to add to the brood and Taya and Alysia gave birth within seven months of each other.

They both consider themselves ‘mum’ to the baby boys.

The family dispel a lot of myths about their family using social media – the most common one being the sexual dynamic.

In one video they are pictured ‘waking up’ next to each other in every combination.

The video shows the men and women in relationships with each other, however the women have no interest in getting intimate together and neither do the men.

They say they are ‘just like a monogamous family… only there’s four of them’.

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They hang out all together and one on one but communication is key. If one couple want some alone time they will ask in the group chat.

The family believe in ‘gentle parenting’ and while Sean prefers structure and rules they have found a nice balance. 

The relationship formed naturally, they explained, but has taken a lot of work.

Taya also made a post about their expanded relationship after the birth of their sons.

The family of eight consist of Alysia and Tyler Rogers, front, and Sean and Taya Hartless, rear

‘If you would’ve told me four years ago that we would be in a polyamorous relationship with four kids I would’ve laughed in your face,’ she said alongside a video of her husband, Sean.

‘Little did I know that it would be the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank god for growth. I love you, forever.’ 

She added that they have become better at communicating and are less jealous than they were previously. 

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