Mom, 59, claimed 'evil' was tormenting family in handwritten note left in tragic suicide pact with husband and daughter | The Sun

A MOM'S handwritten note claiming her family was being tormented by evil has been found after a daughter and parents killed themselves in a chilling murder-suicide pact.

Morgan Daub, 26, and her parents, James, 62, and Deborah, 59, were found dead in their backyard near York, Pennsylvania, on January 25, following reports of gunshots.

A letter by Deborah Daub stated that she and Morgan had made a joint decision to end their lives, referring to "the evil that has mounted against Morgan and the family," according to the West Manchester Township Police Department.

The letter was signed, dated January 19, 2023, and included references to God and the Bible.

Letters from James and Morgan Daub also indicated that they had decided to take their own lives of their own free will.

James wrote that his wife pulled the trigger for him as he was shaky, while Deborah stated that her daughter pulled the trigger for her.

The notes were dated January 24, 2023.

The police discovered a multi-page checklist written by Morgan, which appeared to be a set of steps taken before ending her life.

Some of the items on the list included speaking to her father, clipping her dog's nails, and writing letters to her family.

The forensic examination of the scene confirmed that Deborah shot and killed her husband before being killed by Morgan, who then died by suicide.

The tragic events leading up to the family's deaths may have been hinted at in a YouTube video posted by Morgan the day before the incident.

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In the video, Morgan said: "Follow me as I follow Christ."

Morgan had posted a peculiar video on YouTube where she declared herself "a prophet of the highest God" and claimed to be abdicating the throne of England and the United Kingdom.

In another video, posted in September 2022, Morgan talked about multiple shadow administrations running the country from the left and the right.

Detective Timothy Fink informed the York Dispatch that the written documents revealed that Morgan had been suffering from auditory hallucinations and had informed her mother of the same.

People who knew the family described Morgan as a smart and quiet young woman, with friendly parents.

They were shocked by the drastic change they saw in the woman in the YouTube video compared to the Morgan they knew.

Police were dispatched to the home to find the gruesome scene.

“The situation is believed to be an event within the family and officers continue to investigate and collect information surrounding this tragedy,” said police in a statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the Daubs.”

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