The stars of Happy Valley have addressed the future of the series

Con O'Neill says script for last Happy Valley episode blew his mind

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The cast and creatives behind the drama have opened up about the future of Happy Valley starring Sarah Lancashire and James Norton. Season three will wrap up tonight (February 5) on BBC One at 9pm. Happy Valley’s Sally Wainwright will be bringing her story to a startling end with the writer hoping to leave audiences with a satisfying conclusion – but some are hopeful for the show will go on after this.

Will there be another series of Happy Valley?

Sadly, the answer is no with the cast and crew confirming season three is the last one.

Tommy Lee Royce star James Norton told media including “We knew after two.”

While executive producer Will Johnston also confirmed there would be no more Happy Valley.

He said: “The reason it’s so weird for a TV producer to not go, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll do another series.’

“It’s our bread and butter but Sally [Wainwright] and Sarah [Lancashire] made this conscious decision, possibly at the end of series two, that it would only return once more after a seven-year gap.

“And the two vital things as you’ve seen is that Rhys [Connah] – Ryan [Cawood] is now at an age to make his own decisions about his life and the relationships in it and Catherine [Cawood] is on the brink of retirement and those felt like such juicy things to explore.

“In the police you have to retire at a very specific age, so it was really prescribed that it would return after this gap.”

Johnston added: “It definitely isn’t coming back and again, this is Sally and Sarah completely, rightly feeling you can’t have too much of a good thing.”

Siobhan Finneran – who is better known as Clare Cartwright – went on to say: “I think Sarah needed a big rest after series two. I think she needed a big sleep. There was a lot going on.”

At the heart of Happy Valley is the conflict between Catherine and Tommy for Ryan.

On whether there was a “definite” ending to the series finale, there was some debate among the stars and producers.

Either way, they kept quiet about how the story would be concluded, so as not to spoil anything for fans.

Producer Johnston continued: “We’re really not doing anymore. It’s not a trick from Sally. We’re not going to announce a new series.”

He went on to add: “I really don’t anticipate that we’ll be doing anymore.”

Johnston also teased the ending, saying: “When you get to it, I really hope you’ll feel content that if that’s the last you ever see of the characters of Happy Valley, it was a big way too go out.”

So, it looks like it’s highly unlikely for the show to come back for the foreseeable future with fans having to savour this final outing once and for all.

Johnston said he was excited for the cast and crew to come back one last time to work on the final series of the show, knowing how good the quality of the production was.

Over the weeks since Happy Valley returned on New Year’s Day, the show has gained traction with many people going back to the previous seasons, which are available on BBC iPlayer right now.

The drama has left viewers on tenterhooks each week with a series of tense cliffhangers.

The penultimate instalment seemed to suggest Tommy could get the upper hand with his son Ryan after going on the run.

Fans are going to have to tune in to see how the story is going to be brought to a close with hopes of a satisfying ending.

Happy Valley concludes tonight on BBC One at 9pm

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