I'm a 72-year-old mom – I’ve got an anti-aging hack to give you flawless skin using an ingredient found in your pantry | The Sun

THIS mom has gone viral for sharing her ingenious anti-aging home remedies on TikTok with her daughter.

Michiko and her daughter Mamina often share videos together about their skin routines and how to stay young.

In one of their viral videos, Michiko and her dermatologist daughter shared a secret to youthful skin – and you probably have it at home.

The youthful looking 72-year-old revealed that a banana can be helpful for adding antioxidants to your skin regime.

Mamina explained as her mom prepared the remedy: "Banana has so much nutrition in a skin. Usually we eat the inside and throw away the skin.

"My mom recommends using organic bananas for this."

Michiko and Mamina then show how after washing your banana, you should cut off the ends of the fruit and boil it for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Dermatologist Mamina confirmed her mom's trick has some truth to it, as banana peels contain many more nutrients than just the banana fruit.

These include vitamins B6, B12, A, magnesium, potassium, amino acids and antioxidants.

The banana tea can be used to help aid with sleep, but the nutrients are a treasure trove of other benefits.

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Clearly the home remedy works, as Michiko looks twenty years younger than she actually is!

Mamina's comments were flooded with shocked viewers, who couldn't believe how great her mom looked.

One user said: "She’s 72!?!? Wow!!!! I will be taking everything she teaches us and doing it! Lol."

Another said: "Bananas bout to be sold out…"

One shocked woman commented: "I will do whatever she says. Her skin is pure perfection!"

Michiko also previously shared her onion skin tea, which claims to control infections, high blood pressure and help you lose weight.

The doctor was clear in her video, however, and said the teas recommended should not replace medication for heart disease, insomnia, depression or bloating.

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