Happy Valley fans work out Ryan starts new life with Tommy

Happy Valley: Ann tells Ryan he was unwanted

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Happy Valley fans tuned into the fifth episode of the final-ever season on Sunday evening to see where murderer Tommy Lee Royce (played by James Norton) had escaped to. The vile rapist has taken refuge at someone’s house and later managed to contact his teenage son Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah) via a video game. The tense instalment left some fans believing the youngster will flee to Spain with Tommy rather than stay with his grandma Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire). 

During the latest episode of season three, Ryan was told the traumatic truth about his father Tommy’s heinous crimes. 

Tommy raped Ryan’s mother Becky Cawood and she took her own life six weeks after he was born. 

Ryan has been raised by his grandma Catherine since Becky’s tragic death and she has been trying to shelter him from his vile excuse of a father for years.

Tommy was released from prison less than a decade ago and found out Ryan was his son in season one of the drama. 

Ryan was only 10 years old and fell for Tommy’s manipulation until the criminal tried to set himself and his son on fire during the opening season’s dramatic finale. 

The killer has been in prison for several years, but viewers found out teenage Ryan had been visiting him for months behind Catherine’s back. 

When Tommy’s court hearing took place, he managed to climb out of the dock and flee Leeds as Ryan looked on in shock with the rest of the gallery. 

The youngster is aware of how dangerous his father is and Catherine warned him to lie low while the police hunt Tommy down. 

Later on, Ann Gallagher (Charlie Murphy) finally told Ryan how evil Tommy is, as she too was raped by the psychopath. 

She reminded Ryan how Catherine was the only person who wanted him and she had done everything within her power to protect him. 

When Ryan saw Catherine following the hard-hitting conversation with Ann, he told her: “Granny, I love you.” 

However, Cathrine simply replied: “What’s brought that on?”

Ryan looked heartbroken when she did not say she loved him too and the instalment ended with the troubled teenager speaking on a headset to Tommy as he was playing a video game. 

Tommy is desperate for Ryan to run off to Spain with him and fans are convinced he will do so after spotting a clue. 

Emma shared: “So annoyed at Catherine, Ryan needed to hear ‘I love you too’ and now that golden bullet has been delivered by his Dad #HappyValley.” 

Slasher said: “Tommy telling Ryan he loves him unprompted vs Ryan telling Catherine he loves her earlier in the episode and she doesn’t say it back… To a 16-year-old that could easily tip him one way or the other #HappyValley.” 

Iain Marsh theorised: “My #HappyValley ending #theory is: Ryan leaves the safety of Nev’s to meet #TommyLeeRoyce and go to Spain. En route to the airport, #Catherine and cops intercept, TLR has gun, Ryan grabs it and tries to shoot him, but Catherine takes the hit and dies to protect Ryan from jail. TLR jailed.” (sic) 

However, Fisher said: “Ryan saying, ‘I love you Gran’ is his veiled way of saying he’s going to ‘sort’ his father out. Ryan knows everything and Catherine doesn’t know that.” (sic) 

Phil Gwilliam tweeted: “Of all the standout moments in tonight’s episode of #HappyValley the one that dropped like a neutron bomb was the simple delivery of ‘Granny, I love you.'” (sic) 

Rachel added: “This scene has changed my mind about the ending. It won’t be Tommy or Catherine that gets killed but Ryan. He’s gonna get caught in the crossfire. She will regret not telling him she loves him #HappyValley.” (sic) 

Happy Valley continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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