Corrie Ruby ‘next serial killer’ as fans ‘work out’ who really killed chinchilla

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    Coronation Street fans are sure they already know who really killed Cilla the chinchilla on the ITV cobbles, after Hope Stape became convinced it was Beth’s dog Peanut’s fault.

    Upon finding the rodent’s lifeless body, Hope was left devastated and vowed to exact revenge on the sausage dog as she buried her beloved Cilla.

    According to fans, though, Peanut might not be the one to blame at all – and the real culprit seems a lot closer to home.

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    Instead, fans are convinced Hope’s sister Ruby committed the murder after becoming jealous of her sister. Hope has constantly been rewarded despite her bad behaviour, while Ruby went mostly ignored by Tyrone and Fiz.

    Taking to social media with their theories, one fan penned: “I wonder if Ruby ‘accidentally’ let Cilla out by leaving her cage door open, hoping she’d run away?”

    As another penned: “I still think it was Ruby who killed Cilla the chinchilla. Peanut killing it – don’t think I’ve even heard her bark!”

    “Bet Ruby killed it cause she was jealous!” a third echoed, while someone else posted: “Do Fiz and Tyrone know they have two kids, poor Ruby gets nothing!”

    Some eagle-eyed viewers think Ruby’s emergent behaviour could lead to a more sinister twist. While Hope has been inspired by her serial killer dad John Stape, fans pointed out that the same could happen for Ruby, whose mum was abuser Kirsty.

    One viewer suggested: “This is why I think Ruby is going to get jealous and show traits of mum Kirsty!”

    While one Reddit user said: “Plot twist, Ruby becomes a serial killer because of all the times Hope got attention, gifts and leeway for all the horrible things she did while Ruby got ignored and punished for just about anything.”

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    A second deadpanned: “That would be an exciting and unexpected twist, so no.”

    While someone else posted: “Yeah!! Ruby’s mom was a psycho too let’s not forget! I’d love to see Hope be a hero in the story.”

    Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV1.


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