The Bachelor shares reason for ‘surreal’ rose decision

The Bachelor: ABC shares first look at Zach Shallcross in series

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10 contestants have already been sent home after Monday night’s season premiere of The Bachelor, the first time fans have seen this many eliminations in the first episode since season 15. New singleton Zach Shallcross, 26, has a daunting task ahead over the coming weeks on the ABC reality series, beginning with his choice of who to give the coveted First Impression Rose to.

Zach’s First Impression Rose ultimately went to Greer Blitzer, a 24-year-old Medical Sales Representative from Texas.

After a night getting to know his potential partners, Zach is one step closer to deciding who he’ll be going home with at the end of the season.

A staggering 10 women were kicked out of the competition, but there are still 20 lucky ladies who have the chance to win him over.

However, in the opening episode, it was Greer who clearly caught Zach’s eye the most, despite a mishap with the champagne.

After his first night on The Bachelor, Zach admitted “it was kind of a work in progress to figure out” his rose recipient.

The rose wasn’t introduced until the fifth season of The Bachelor, but has been made a permanent fixture from season seven onwards.

It has since become a serious indicator for how the season will pan out, as previous recipients of the rose have historically fared much better than their fellow contestants.

“That does carry some weight,” Zach told People about his difficult decision. “It came down to a culmination of a few things.”

“But the most important part was if I could have that sense of comfort and enjoy my time with that person on a very unique night. That’s how I came to that decision.”

Despite a shaky start to the night, Zach very quickly warmed up to Greer, who could be in with a serious shot at bagging the bachelor.

They sat incredibly close throughout the evening, and Greer even revealed her end goal before going on the show was to move to Zach’s city, Austin.

Even so, she could face some serious competition thanks to a new twist introduced this season.

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After the latest season of The Bachelorette, presenter Jesse Palmer introduced Zach as the new Bachelor, as well as giving him the chance to meet five of the women early.

It was then left to viewers to vote for their favourite, and 24-year-old Brianna Thorbourne became the first recipient of America’s First Impression Rose.

Once the competition had truly begun, Zach admitted it was “surreal” to be the one tasked with handing out roses so soon after competing on last year’s edition of The Bachelorette.

“It was this feeling of excitement and kind of disbelief that I’m here,” he said.

“But also a little feeling of sadness that I will be sending home some women tonight. That’s the hard part.

“I went into this whole thing wanting to find my best friend, wanting to find my future, and you can’t force that,” he added. “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”

Zach may be after a “best friend” to spend the rest of his life with, but will he be able to find that connection with current favourites Greer and Brianna?

The Bachelor season 27 continues Mondays on ABC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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