Cheryl Cant Take Her Life for Granted After Bandmate Sarah Hardings Death

In a new interview, the Girls Aloud member explains how her approach to life has changed after her bandmate passed away from breast cancer in September 2021.

AceShowbiz -Cheryl’s perspective on life has shifted following the death of her former Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding. Left devastated when Sarah died aged 39 in September 2021 after she battled breast cancer, the 39-year-old singer said she now can’t take her life granted while the death has brought her close to Girls Aloud singers Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle, and Kimberley Walsh.

“A lot of conversations we had before she left really sparked a different perspective for me, and I’ll carry that. She wasn’t ready to leave and I think, ‘Well I’m still here.’ I’ve got the gift of life to still live, and I’ll do it with her in mind. It does shift a lot of things in your own heart,” She told Mail Online on Monday, January 23, 2023.

She added about Sarah’s passing increasing the “love” between the Girls Aloud members, “With the loss and our age we just appreciate and love each other so much more. We always have loved each other, obviously. But it’s just a different, there’s a different depth to it all now.”

But Cheryl added talks about plans for a Girls Aloud reunion have not happened, adding, “We haven’t spoken about Girls Aloud stuff since we learned of Sarah’s diagnosis. What Sarah’s departure did do was bring us all really a lot closer, just as women as mothers as friends. But we haven’t spoken about anything work related for many years now.”

“It wouldn’t feel quite like Girls Aloud without her because she was such a big character and a big part of it. I’ve learned throughout my life you should never say never but we’re just closer at the moment as friends and I love how we are right now. Work just hasn’t crept in at all. We’re not there yet.”

Cheryl met Sarah 20 years ago when they appeared on ITV’s “Popstars: The Rivals“, which led to the launch of Girls Aloud, which had four number one singles and two number one albums.

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