Louise Thompson undergoes operation amid ongoing health battle with rare condition

Louise Thompson has recently undergone an operation and she opened up about her health battle with a rare condition.

The former Made In Chelsea star, 32, first told her followers about her possible diagnosis back in September last year, when she was heading to a scan of her pelvis to confirm whether or not it was Asherman's Syndrome.

She has now had to go through a "small operation" to try to get rid of the scar tissue in her uterus that stems from her condition.

In an Instagram post, Louise talked about her operation. She said: "Just a small op to try and get rid of all the scar tissue from my Asherman’s syndrome so I can hopefully start to have a normal P and feel like my old self again.

"By most people's standards probably not such a big deal. By my standards, anything medical is a big deal. And anything that risks bleeding makes me feel sick as a dog.

"Apparently on the scale of mild to severe – it’s looking moderate to severe, so I might have to go back in 6 months time to repeat the procedure and remove any further adhesions."

She continued: "Not going to lie the thoughts that ran through my head as I lay on the table getting the General Anaesthetic before being wheeled through the doors into the operating theatre were not fun. I was really worried that I wouldn’t wake up. Or that I would wake up with tubes rammed down my throat… Or blind… or with brain damage. The list goes on.

"My body sometimes does strange things when I’m in a hospital environment. I get really really cold and I go rigid and can’t stop trembling, like I’m having a seizure or something. My body feels full of adrenaline, like I’m going into battle. I actually quite like this feeling, it’s better than dissociating."

"I guess the problem is, my rational brain switches off when I feel like I’m in danger," Louise added.

"Because I was so unlucky before my brain questions why I should ever feel safe? If something bad happened before, why won’t it happen again?

"Luckily the team were incredible, with wonderful bedside manner which makes all the difference."

She went on to describe Asherman's Syndrome as being "a uterine condition that occurs when scar tissue (adhesions) form inside the uterus and/or the cervix".

She explained: "It’s likely that I got it as a result of surgical scraping or cleaning of tissue from the uterine wall in previous operations.

"A delay in diagnosis can mean that treatment is more difficult as the adhesions and scar tissue that are typical of Asherman's syndrome become thicker and more extensive over time."

It comes after she described the difficult and traumatic birth of her son Leo, as she ended up in the ICU while he was taken cared of in the NICU.


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