Im the worlds most liked OnlyFans model – second place doesnt threaten me

The 'world's most liked OnlyFans model' admitted she's not afraid of losing her title as she's 'miles ahead of second place'.

Bryce Adams is on top of her game – partly thanks to being on top of her boyfriend.

The 29-year-old, from Florida, US, bonked her way to the top spot with her bikini clad workout videos and warm heart that gives to charity.

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But being the best only spells competition, which doesn't threaten Bryce in the slightest.

After making millions by getting naughty in front of the camera with long-term partner Jay, the American model is heading for 10million likes on her OnlyFans profile.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Bryce revealed how she feels being on top of the podium out of 1.5million pleasure giving OnlyFans models.

She explained: "I love having the title, it's appreciated and a direct result of my amazing fans.

"It is important to me and just reflects the community we have built.

"We have over 1.3million likes in gap between us and the second spot and we have 3.5million between us and the third spot.

"We are really far ahead and our standard pace continues to outpace the other creators – we do not worry about losing that spot.

Second place currently belongs to blonde bombshell Maggie with 8,381,00 likes.

When asked if she is worried about any models catching up to her and Jay, Bryce simply said: "No, not at all."

Bryce is soon to hit 'double digits' on the number of likes her account has – the first OnlyFans model to do so.

"In fact, we will cross the 10million mark really soon and be the first creator with double digit likes", she gushed. "We're looking forward to that!

"It's a fun title to have, it's an appreciated title and I enjoy having it. I don't foresee losing it…

"I'm proud of it as it's directly correlated to thee market saying we like what you're doing, we support you.

"I love having something like that as it's measurable and an objective measurement that people have where they can go 'ok this is determined by the fans, this is what they like' – so I love that.

"I didn't set out for that[ being number one], it wasn't an initial goal.

"I wasn't like 'hey I'm joining OnlyFans I'm going to become the number one' I did not have that at all.

"It just kinda naturally occurred, now that I have it I wear it proudly and I'm very thankful."

Previously, Bryce opened up to Daily Star about the beginnings of her plunge into the sex industry with Jay.

And, it all started on one casual date night.

She explained: “I mentioned the idea of starting a page for fun one Sunday night (our date night) while we were lounging.

“I sold $62(£55) in pictures that first night and that immediately grabbed our attention.

“We went for a walk, did a bit of research and discussed what we each thought about diving into the 'industry'.

“Originally it was just something fun and casual. We didn’t have any intentions of making it into a business, or sharing our lives on the platform."


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