People say I should 'dress my age' because I'm over 50 but I've got 'mature woman confidence' | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed her daring style, proving that her beauty is timeless.

She clapped back at haters who say she should "dress her age" in a sexy see-through top.

Marce Pazmino (@therealpazminoonfire) is a digital content creator and viral sensation.

She took to TikTok to share her thoughts on those who try to police an older woman's style.

"When I hear over-50-year-olds should dress their age," she wrote over the video.

She donned a fishnet rhinestone top with a black vest and matching black pants.

"Do I make you feel uncomfortable?" the bombshell asked as she took off the vest.

She revealed a sultry fishnet-style top with sparkly rhinestone detail.

"That's called mature woman confidence," she added, while showing off her TikTok dance moves.

She expressed her love for her style, saying she's "obsessed" with her sassy top.

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Pazmino's video struck a chord with several viewers, who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Fifty isn't just a number anymore," one fan wrote.

"Beautiful beyond imagination," another admirer added.

"Wow Lord you are beautiful, gorgeous, you can dress anyway you want. Let's get married," a third commented.

Several found Pazmino's age to be a plus, saying over-50 is just right.

"Yes please and you're the perfect age," the fan wrote.

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