Coleen Nolan shares ‘regret’ at sleeping with ex

Loose Women: Coleen Nolan shares revenge story

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Coleen, Christine Lampard, Brenda Edwards and Kelle Bryan were giving their thoughts on singer Shakira’s latest single taking aim at her ex-husband, Gerard Pique. The conversation soon turned to some of the actions the women had done themselves after a break-up, with Coleen making a raunchy revelation.

Beginning her admission, Coleen said: “I’ve done one vengeful thing in my life, that I really regretted the next day because this ex-boyfriend cheated on me.

“I got quite friendly in the end with the girl that he cheated with and we talked and blah blah blah and it was fine.

“She kept saying this thing every time we met, which was ‘he’ll never do it to me’ and in the end, I thought ‘what are you saying here?’

“Like I deserved him to do it to me, you’re saying you’re better than me almost, so I invited him round to have a little chat and I slept with him.”

Brenda and Kelle’s mouths dropped wide open at the revelation, whilst the audience cheered her on.

However, she wasn’t finished with her story and added: “No it gets worse. It gets worse because the next day I went round and I went ‘he did.'”

Brenda exclaimed: “Ok, nobody mess with Coleen! That is the moral of that story yeah!”

Admitting her guilt, Coleen added: “No it’s terrible and I actually afterwards, I felt really bad and I felt it was unfair.

“But I felt like she was taking the mick out of me, so I thought don’t tell me he won’t do it again, cos he will and I got him to and he did and I told her.”

Christine quipped: “That is the ultimate, isn’t it? It is a bit yeah!”

Trying to back herself up, she claimed: “Just don’t annoy me with it, you know you are seeing my ex, I’m cool with that, whatever, fine.

“It came to an end, blah, blah, blah, but don’t rub my face in it girl, don’t tell me he won’t do it when he did it.”

Christine jibed: “It didn’t take you too long either to go round and tell her either,” which sent Brenda into hysterics.

Viewers of the programme were also left stunned at Coleen’s admission, with many also finding the story comical.

@nickymitchell13 laughed: “Love #LooseWomen @NolanColeen ‘He did it!’ Fantastic, Brilliant and oh I would have done the same.”

@Flat__l1ned added: “@loosewomen ‘Nobody mess with @NolanColee’ @brenda_edwards #LooseWomen.”

Chris Chibba exclaimed: “@NolanColeen I love you even more now!!! #LooseWomen.”

Mace Windu commented: “I bet Colleen felt a bit better after getting revenge #LooseWomen.”

@AnNyMaInEs999 praised: “Well done for Coleen to owing her mistakes. A funny story and she proved her point.”

Chloe Arnes tweeted: “Coleen is such a legend. ‘Don’t do it’ but it work maaaaaam’. I’ll keep that locked in the bank in case I ever need it.” (sic)

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV.

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