I tested Aldi's heated airer to see if it's really as cheap as it claims – the results surprised even me | The Sun

UNLESS you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have heard people raving about Aldi’s bargain-heated airer. 

It’s so popular that it’s sold out twice before, and people have now taken to begging the supermarket to restock again online. 

But now one mum has decided to test if it’s really as cheap to run as they claim on the box.

Bobbie, known online as @bobbiblitz regularly shares parenting tips with her 56,000 followers. 

In a new video, the content creator shares her first impressions of Aldi's Easy Home Heated Airer, currently available in-store for £39.99. 

 “Treated myself to a little heated airer with 20 heated bars. So apparently it’s less than 7p an hour to run, it comes with a cover. 


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“If you are to purchase one of these, someone give me some advice on it. Make sure it comes with a cover or cover it with a sheet because it holds the heat in. 

“And she said roughly for up to like eight hours to have it on for your clothes to fully dry, so going to give it a go and I’ll let you know my review on it after.” 

In part two, Bobbie shares her first impressions – and answers a follower’s query about whether it left burnt marks on the clothes she was drying. 

“So I’ve turned it off after three and a half hours, it’s absolutely fine but I didn’t risk it any longer, to be honest with you. 

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“The lady in the shop said up to eight hours and it was absolutely fine, but it did go through my head and I don’t even want to risk it with baby clothes, especially as they’re all brand new. 

“And I’d say it probably did cost roughly the price that it said it would cost, because I’ve gone for about £1.47, £1.57, and I’ve had the cooker on, all the lights, the washing machine, Junior’s computer, phone chargers, kettle, TV, everything all plugged in so not bad.”

Below the video, she added: “Have it on 24/7 and it doesn’t burn.”

Fans loved the honest review, with the video gaining more than 4,300 likes and 187,000 views. 

In the comments, Bobbie’s followers shared their mixed reviews, with one writing: “I got this from Aldi, was awful, left burnt marks on the clothes! I took it back.”

Another said: “I got one of these a few months ago and I love it! No burn marks for me! All I would say is don’t overload it!”

A third added: “Aw I got one of these but it was rubbish for me, only dried where the bars were even after 7 hours! Took it back for a refund.”

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