Couples cute cuddling video ruined by optical illusion – making it look X-rated

A couple found themselves in the middle of a hilarious optical illusion that made their cuddle look more X-rated than intended.

Laura Hans decided to film the moment she had an intimate hugging session with her partner as they romantically gazed at the sunset.

But what she didn't realise is that she captured something a little more suggestive than they had planned for.

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The pair sat on pillows on a cliff with their backs turned to the camera as they soaked up the beautiful orange sky and ocean in the background.

In the dreamy like location her boyfriend wearing a hoodie grabbed Laura in for an embrace but her body caused a bit of confusion.

Unfortunately, the bikini clad girlfriend appeared to look like a penis.

Yes, you read that right.

As the top half of her body was not in shot nor her legs, the bottom half of Laura appeared to have a phallic shape as her tilted bum resembled the tip of a todger.

To make matters worse, as she leant to hug her boyfriend her spine looked like a 'vein' of the male genitalia.

She wrote: "When you realise your couple video looks like he's hugging a d***".

"Romance was blown away after I’ve recognised it."

Left equally baffled and in fits of giggles, many people took to the comments to poke fun at the gaffe.

One person chuckled: "Okay but I didn’t see it until I read it."

Another user mocked: "And it has veins."

While a third voiced: "Now I can’t unsee it."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "I can’t see it at all and I thought I was dirty minded."

Even the official TikTok account of Durex Canada commented: "LOL WHAT."

Hilariously, Laura replied: "Do you have one in my size?"

Can you spot the awkward optical illusion? Let us know in the comments!


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