Silent Witness fans work out link to Holby City

Silent Witness: Nikki Alexander performs an autopsy in May

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During Monday’s recent episode of BBC One’s crime drama Silent Witness, the Lyell team worked together to find out why a lorry was found with bodies inside and a dead driver at the wheel. However, it was the recent set changes which caught the eyes of fans as they worked out where the iconic hospital scenes came from.

Taking to their Twitter account, Rachel O’Sullivan commented: “Pleased to see they’re putting the Holby set to good use #SilentWitness.”

@Rachibelles exclaimed: “They could have at least tried to make it look less like Holby to save our broken hearts!! #SilentWitness.”

Charlotte Taylor said: “All these shots of the Holby set. All the emotions! #SilentWitness.”

@keepuphodgson expressed: “I was wondering why this hospital looks so familiar and I’ve just realised it’s Holby City #silentwitness.”

@BarbaraisWright realised: “OMG THEY ARE USING THE HOLBY SET AHHH #SilentWitness.”

@yllek_oswald98 shared: “Screaming it’s the Holby set !! #SilentWitness.” (sic)

Holby City first aired in 1999 as a spin-off from another show, Casualty but broadcast its final ever season in March 2022.

The BBC said it was “incredibly proud” of the show but said it “had to make difficult decisions to make room for new opportunities”.

As well as viewers noticing the old sets being used in tonight’s Silent Witness episode, many fans picked up on the sets being used in a recent EastEnders scene.

Back in July 2022, the empty hospital ward featured in an episode where Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) got the results of his HIV test.

Then a few months later, eagle-eyed viewers spotted an old Holby City poster in the background of a shot with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Another scene saw Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall) kidnapped and taken to an abandoned “warehouse” by masked men.

Many fans were adamant that the warehouse was actually one of the old sets from Holby City.

The drama was named Best TV Finale of 2022 in the first-ever Entertainment Daily Awards, with fans calling for the show to make a comeback.

Whilst Holby City is being pleaded for a comeback, Silent Witness has received threats from viewers to switch off from the show.

The series is usually like a reassuring hug in the TV schedules, with Emilia Fox’s character feeling like a friend to viewers.

But, so far, series 26 feels tired rather than comforting, as last week viewers slammed the show for being “far-fetched” and “unwatchable”.

Silent Witness has always been a series about pathologists, but many have claimed this is something the scriptwriters seem to have forgotten.

Some have also expressed that the new romantic dynamic between Nikki and Jack has overshadowed the crime element of the series.

Silent Witness airs Monday from 9pm on BBC One.

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