I'm a dog trainer – you should never use a tennis ball to play with your pooch, it’s dangerous | The Sun

A DOG trainer has revealed why owners should never use a tennis ball when playing fetch with your pooch.

The Instagram user known as “Jamiethedogtrainer” took to the social media site to explain all to his 26,000 followers.

He started off his short clip by saying: “Do you use a tennis ball when playing with your dog?

“If you do, throw it in the bin right now.”

Jamie went on to explain: “Tennis balls tend to attract dirt and grit as soon as they get wet.

“Within a few weeks a dog will grind down their teeth on this.

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“For a lot of dogs this can also be a choking hazard due to their size.”

Instead, he recommended dog owners use a ball and rope when out exercising your furry four-legged friend.

He said: “This also has the duro foam which is great on your dog’s teeth.

“Once it gets wet, it doesn’t attract that grit and dirt.”

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Jamie added that it comes in a variety of sizes so you can get the right one for your dog and it won’t be a choking hazard.

He added: “In the unlikely event that your dog does happen to swallow it, you do have a rope.”

Another bonus, he said, was that as well as playing fetch, you can also use it to play tug.

The clip ends with him showing the toy in action as he hurls the ball for his dog to fetch and the adorable canine is seen happily bounding back with it.

The social media star, who also has a TikTok page, has also warned his army of followers that your dog maybe over-stimulated and not need a walk every day.

Jamie said if your dog pulls on the leash, barks, or doesn't listen to you, they might be overstimulated and stressed on your walk.

Jamie recommends walking your dog two or three times a week and instead prioritising training and bonding with the handler on other days.

The Australian influencer has also shared his five favourite dog breeds with the German Shepherd coming out top although he called the Golden Retriever, which took second place, as the “ultimate all-round dog”.

He has also listed the three small dog breeds he wouldn’t recommend as pets.

First up was the Dachsund which Jamie said they weren’t as easy to train as they look.

Next, Jamie said he wouldn't recommend a Jack Russell Terrier to a first-time owner.

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Finally, Jamie recommended not getting a Schipperke as a first-time dog.

He said: "They can be fantastic watchdogs, but if they're not socialised properly they can be a little bit barky and reactive."

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