Make-up expert shares 6 ageing mistakes women 50+ should avoid

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Beauty experts at K.B Pro revealed the make-up mistakes that can cause the skin to look “tired and sallow” and make women look older.

Neglecting your brows

Karen Betts, permanent make-up artist and founder of K.B Pro said that “ultra-thin, arched brows can be a dead giveaway of ageing”. The make-up expert recommended full, bushy brows “to help signify your youth” and suggested microblading as the best way to achieve a “salon brow look”.

Too much concealer under the eyes

Another common mistake is putting too much concealer under your eyes as it can have “disastrous consequences”.

Karen explained: “Many people have slightly darker skin on their under-eyes, which can make it very tempting to slather on a thick layer. However, this can cause the formula to sit in the creases and accentuate them.”

She advised: “It is always crucial to go for a very lightweight concealer, to avoid it sinking into your fine lines.

“As well as this, opting for a shade that is slightly brighter than your skin tone will help to add warmth and a youthful illusion, while one that is too dark could end up having the opposite effect.”

Neglecting blush

According to the expert, a bit of blush can be “the ideal way” to add a fun and flirty splash of colour to the cheeks.

Forgetting the blush can leave your skin “lacking vitality and a healthy gleam, encouraging a weary illusion that can, unfortunately, age you”.

Applying thick eyeliner to your bottom lash-line only

Thick eyeliner under the eye may be something to step away from going into adulthood, the expert suggested.

“Encouraging even more darkness in an already dark area is guaranteed to make you look even more tired, and no amount of concealer is going to help that,” she said.

The make-up expert recommended going for a dark eyeshadow, rather than kohl eyeliner, and “buff it out for a seductive smokey look”.

Forgetting to apply primer before the foundation

Forgetting primer means that the foundation will not last as long throughout the day, and will also be more likely to sink into pores and fine lines, making you look older.

Primer can help to illuminate and add a “flawless-looking texture” and can be one of the most important steps in a make-up routine when it comes to youthful-looking skin, Karen said.

The best option is a primer infused with hyaluronic acid as it deeply hydrates the skin and gives a “plumper, firmer illusion”.

Primers also come with colour-correcting properties, and they are great for hiding dark shadows.


Finally, over-contouring can actually leave dark shadows and streaks if not blended in properly, it can also create the illusion of lines “where there aren’t any”, as well as making you look gaunt.

Karen shared a few extra tips: “Always follow the lines of your bone structure, allowing the brush to glide along your cheekbones, jawline and anywhere else you feel needs a touch more definition.

“Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a cream or powder contour palette. Cream is usually better for dry skin as it adds moisture, while powder offers a mattified illusion to an oily complexion.

“Due to the world of makeup occasionally seeming like a minefield, many people choose to dip their toes into the world of permanent cosmetics.

“And while there are always makeup ‘mistakes’ to be made, how you paint your face is ultimately up to you and the kind of aesthetic you want to achieve.

“Playing around with makeup is a fun and relaxing activity that can be utilised to express how you feel inside, so pick up the eyeshadow palette and get experimenting,” she suggested.

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