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ONE McDonald's lover has found a secret menu trick to get a popular item for just 10p.

The Maccies tip will see fast food fans get their hands on four chicken strips – for just a little more than they'd pay for three.

The menu hack was shared to TikTok by an account called Right Guys Reviews.

In the clip, Mark the reviewer explains how three McDonald's Chicken Selects are £3.89.

He goes onto show how the wrap of the day is £1.99, and how he orders two of those to get himself the deal.

In the clip captioned "free chicken" Mark customises the wrap – by removing everything except the chicken.

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He then orders two and shows that the cost is £3.98.

Mark says: "Right so three were £3.89 and four is £3.98. So the fourth one cost 10p."

He then jumps in his car and shows how he has two boxes, with "two big nice juicy Chicken Selects".

The TikToker continues: "So if you order Chicken Selects, instead of ordering three of them for £3.89, go and buy two wrap of the days and take everything off 'em."

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McDonald's said it did not wish to comment on the menu trick.

It comes as others have revealed secret tips – including one to get a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99 every time.

It takes just one simple step – and all you need is an old McDonald's receipt.

Without the hack the meal will cost around £4.79, so you can save £2.80 with the lesser-known rewards offer – roughly half price.

If a Big Mac isn't your thing, you can choose a Fillet-O-Fish, or Vegetable Deluxe instead, and you can swap out the fries for a side salad if you prefer.

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