NCIS Hawaii bosses tease season 2 cast shake-up

CBS release trailer for NCIS and NCIS Hawaii crossover

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In 2021, millions of NCIS fans were introduced to a brand new team of operatives led by special agent Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey). NCIS: Hawaii has already proven to be a worthy addition to the successful CBS franchise, and it looks like the family will be getting even bigger when season two continues in the new year.

Producers have confirmed viewers will finally get the chance to meet Jesse Boone’s (played by Noah Mills) wife and family later next year.

Earlier in the series, it was confirmed Jesse is married to a woman named Heather, who has yet to make a physical appearance.

The agent also has three children, two of which are named Gracie (Chloe Csengery) and Jake.

While Gracie was introduced in NCIS: Hawaii’s first season, the rest of Jesse’s family has yet to make themselves known.

“We will over time get to know more about Jesse, his kids and also his wife,” CBS producers have now confirmed.

Their note for the current season seems to confirm Jesse’s family will not only enter the fold as guest stars but could also become regularly recurring characters.

In a conversation with TV Line, they added: “Some of this will unfold in season two. And beyond.”

Not only will Noah’s family be playing a major role in the second season, but it looks like viewers will be getting to know them much more over the coming years.

Several key characters in the NCIS universe have introduced their spouses and children to their colleagues, and have even started families amongst themselves.

However, other than Tennant’s strained home life, the new spin-off has been given much chance to explore these intriguing aspects of the characters’ inner lives.

Thankfully, Jesse hasn’t remained a mystery to viewers, and some key details about his family have been shared over the last season and a half.

Before joining up with the NCIS, Jesse was a police officer in Washington DC and spent many of his working hours interrogating suspects in robberies.

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After three years in DC, he underwent FLETC to become a field agent for the NCIS’s Hawaii task force.

Outside of his career, he and Heather presumably enjoy a happy marriage with three children and both a cat and a dog.

When she’s properly introduced in season three, fans may get to know more about her history with Game Theory, which she was confirmed to have studied in season one.

Jesse is known as a “haole” to island residents, which translates to “outsider” as he was born on the mainland.

Even so, he has earned the respect of both his colleagues and Hawaii’s locals, and often spends his time surfing and going on conservation trips.

Before Jesse’s family get some more airtime, however, the NCIS team will first have to get past the epic three-part crossover kicking off the new year.

This marks the first time all three current NCIS series, including NCIS: Los Angeles, will share the screen so it is sure to be one of the first must-watch TV events of 2023.

The NCISverse crossover event airs Monday, January 9 on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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