Your Sky TV is finally getting a long-awaited free upgrade this year

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Sky TV customers have been treated to a huge array of extra features and things to watch over the past 12 months with the firm launching new services like Paramount+ and improving devices, such as Sky Glass, with numerous free upgrades. There was even the launch of the latest Sky Stream box which offers the option to bring premium content into living rooms without the need for a satellite dish to be stuck to the walls.

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Although Sky has been pushing out plenty of changes there’s still one hotly-anticipated feature that we’re still waiting for but it should arrive soon.

Personalised Playlists was due for release at the end of 2022 but this blockbuster upgrade is now being readied for release this year.

This update, which has been available on services such as Netflix and Disney+ for some time, is what many have been waiting for as it will offer users the option to be served up new and existing content that suits their specific viewing tastes.

Once live, families will be able to set up their own profiles which basically means parents won’t be bombarded by cartoons when they settle down for an evening’s viewing and kids won’t be shown anything that might be inappropriate for their age.

Sky users can also create their own unique avatar which makes it easy to switch to a profile each time the device is switched on.

Sky introduce new streaming TV 'Sky Glass' in 2021

There’s no exact release date for Personalised Playlists but Sky has tole told us to expect more news to be announced soon along with some other exciting new upgrades.

It has also been confirmed that this feature will roll out on Sky’s Glass TV and new Stream box although it’s currently unclear if Sky Q owners will also be able to set up more personalised viewing.

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Along with Personalised Playlists arriving soon, other new features that were recently pushed out to Sky’s Glass TV and set-top boxes included improvements to the Playlist recording function which makes it easier to find content.

There’s also now a ‘Most Recent’ rail at the top of the screen that will display all of your latest shows.

Bluetooth connectivity was also recently added to Sky Glass which lets users watch movies using their wireless headphones. That means the volume can be pumped up to 11 without disturbing the rest of the house.

Finally, Sky recently boosted the Sky Glass visuals – via an update to the local dimming on the display – which will improve the brightness and contrast. This joins the recently released Vivid Mode in the ‘Options’ menu which now brings more punch and richer colours to content.

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