How to make your new year's wish come true

How to make your New Year’s wish come true by following these five simple steps – and it works for everything from love to money and health

  • Three women have revealed how to manifest your dreams into reality in 2023
  • Astrologer Natasha Weber explained how she manifests good heath all year
  • Clairvoyant Danya Gamliel explained how she called in her great love 
  • While business coach Ruby Lee spoke about manifesting financial abundance 

Three experts have revealed how to build your dream life in 2023 with good health, strong finances and amazing relationships all possible in the new year.

Speaking to FEMAIL Clairvoyant Danya Gamliel, astrologer Natasha Weber, and business coach Ruby Lee explained how to embrace the power of manifestation to improve every aspect of your life next year.

Not to be confused with a flakey New Year’s resolution to be forgotten come march, manifestation is often scoffed at art of asking ‘the universe’ for exactly what you want. 

Clairvoyant Danya Gamliel, pictured left, has revealed how to improve your love life in 2023 while astrologer Natasha Weber has spoken about her own experience manifesting good health

Business coach Ruby Lee has been actively manifesting for five years, and now incorporates it into her life every day

All three of the women have overcome extreme barriers using manifestation, despite having very different methods.

Danya found love with powerful manifestation 

Danya believes in collective energy and says manifesting on New Year’s Eve is extremely powerful.

‘The global energy on this day is so electric with the world celebrating, reflecting, and goal setting – that although there is no astrological event per se it is an incredibly potent energy to take advantage of,’ she said.

She also likes to manifest during the cycles of the moon but also says we all manifest ‘more than we know’.

Danya Gamliel, 34, says she found her husband Kfir, with the help of a powerful love ritual, which falls under the manifestation category

‘When you are thinking about wanting to meet someone or to attract a new job opportunity – that’s all part of manifesting,’ she said.

‘If you never consciously decide what you want to call in, don’t expect the Universe to know either.’  

The 34-year-old told FEMAIL how to manifest when it comes to love and relationships – and revealed her own success with it.

‘In my childhood my favourite Disney male figure was Aladdin, I found him deep and authentic and he was my innocent childhood crush,’ she laughed.

When she was ready to ‘meet the love of her life’ she let that character come back into her mind.

The couple have been together for six years and have a young son and another baby on the way.

‘I am so grateful for this person and all that we have built together.’

How to manifest great love in five steps:

Danya Gamliel met the love of her life using a manifestation ritual and believes in the power in all aspects of her life.

But you have to be ready, she added.

‘If you are single and looking for love, you will attract someone that is complimenting your energetic vibration. That means if you are subconsciously not ready for commitment, you will be attracting these types of people into your life.’ 

She says you can manifest love into your life in 2022 using these five steps: 

1. Start with gratitude:

‘Say or write three things related to the area you wish to manifest that you are grateful,’ she said.

For those calling in love this means highlighting the love you already have in your life including things like family, friends, pets, community or even the love for yourself.

2. Write out or say what you want to call in as if it were already present:

For example you could write: ‘I have met a wonderful companion that makes me feel loved, safe and excited about the future,’ she explained.

‘An important point is to focus on the feelings rather than the physical attributes i.e. you can say you’re attracted to them but I would avoid a list related to looks such as they have dark hair and an arm tattoo – energy doesn’t respond to this.’

The happy couple have a young son and a baby on the way – she says she is so grateful for being able to manifest the relationship in her late 20s 

3. Follow this by saying or writing why you deserve this happiness:

For example: ‘I am so glad that we have finally met because I am ready for this next chapter, I am committed and have done the work on myself to be the best partner to another loving soul. I deserve to be loved.’

4. To fast track!

This is ‘the hardest but most rewarding part’ according to Danya.

‘It will bring your manifested dream to you in a faster and bigger way than you can ever imagine,’ she said. 

‘After you picture your dream partner, job, home or any other factor – I want you to envision the person next to that ‘dream partner’ or that has landed that ‘incredible job’ or moved into that ‘amazing home’ and I want you to write out a list about this person.’

– How do they communicate with others,

– How do they spend their weekends,

– How do they present themselves to the world,

– How do they contribute to their community…

‘The more you write the better.. truly envision who that person is – and then, you need to live as this person every day and the reality will catch up.’

5. Repeat and review monthly:

Keep focusing on your goal and keep it in front of your mind until it is here. Happy manifesting.

Danya also has NYE specific rituals which she practices each year, she offers these to clients, and suggest people make a maximum of three wishes – with one or two being much more potent.

Source: Danya 

Natasha overhauled her health 

Natasha Weber overhauled her health – after suffering from a mysterious disease overseas

Astrologer Natasha Weber doesn’t set any particular intentions on New Year’s Eve – but says you can still manifest good health come 2023.

She likes to embrace the power of the lunar cycle and says knowing your own birth chart – and the focus of each sign can help make your manifestations more powerful.

Natasha fell ill during a trip overseas when she was younger – she landed in an infectious diseases ward in the hospital but doctors couldn’t pinpoint the problem.

For five years she continued to experience horrific symptoms including eczema over her face and upper body, a digestive disorder and drastic weight loss.

‘I was so desperate to find a tangible solution I had forgotten to trust my old friend, the Universe,’ she said.

Natasha wanted medical answers, but eventually turned to manifesting – something she had been practicing since she was young.

‘Every new moon that wasn’t an eclipse, I set my intentions. In a quiet, peaceful moment, in a beautiful space free from clutter and noise, I would write out my wish list for the Universe – to be healthy and well,’ she said.

These manifestations would coincide with a new consultation with some alternative health professional, or using another herbal supplement. 

She likes to manifest within the lunar cycles – but says she never does it on an eclipse

‘I would use the specific zodiac qualities of each new moon to my wellbeing advantage. So, if it were an Aries new moon, I’d set intentions for an upgraded exercise routine because Aries is super physical and needs to move,’ she said.

‘An Aquarian new moon’s intention would incite something unique – something I hadn’t tried before. And my intentions for a gentle Pisces new moon included aromatherapy baths or treating myself to a reflexology appointment.’

She would set the intentions at the new moon and manifest them by the following full moon. 

‘This usually involved a ritual, meditating with crystals or creative visualisation. At the full moon’s peak, I imagined being filled with vibrant energy that lit up every cell in my body. 

‘Most importantly, I imagined what it was like to feel healthy. It’s not enough to just think about it. To bring it into being, you must feel it as though it’s already a reality,’ she said.

How to manifest good health: 

Natasha Weber has been manifesting her whole life –  and believes it is a gift ‘we are all born with’.

She prefers to make her big manifestations on her solar return, rather than ‘riding the energy of NYE’ Like Danya and Ruby as astrology doesn’t go by the Gregorian calendar.

Natasha manifests on every full moon that isn’t an eclipse.

‘But I fine-tuned my manifesting skills when I became a professional astrologer. For me, working with the moon phases and planetary patterns really unlocked my manifesting magic,’ she said. 

1. Calculate an astrology chart for the new/full moon:

Natasha suggests people set intentions during a new moon and manifest these same desires on the next full moon. 

2. Map out manifesting no-nos:

‘Never ever intention set or manifest on an eclipse! An eclipse’s energy is erratic and can’t be trusted. Eclipses are also fated, so sending out your wish list could interfere with what the Universe has in store for you,’ she said.

‘And, By nature, eclipses conceal the light of the sun or moon. Important information or facts can also be hidden during an eclipse, making it impossible to manifest accurately. 

She also believes you should be careful when manifesting during Mercury Retrograde. 

‘Mercury is the messenger planet, and the last thing you want is to send the Universe mixed messages.’


3. Pinpoint manifesting boosters:

‘If Jupiter or Neptune make an auspicious angle to the new or full moon, you’re in luck! Manifest and intention set to your heart’s content,’ she said.

She also said knowing your birth chart can help boost your manifesting abilities. 

‘Your health manifesting opportunities improve tenfold when the full moon triggers your sixth house. So say February’s full moon is in Leo, and Leo rules your sixth house; then that’s a fantastic time to manifest for you, personally,’ she said.

‘The same can be said for your Rising sign.’

4. Work with the energies of that particular new/full moon’s zodiac sign:

This could mean tweaking focus to finances, love or health based on what the sign represents, she explained.

5. Supercharging your manifestations:

‘I base my practice on the first four points and choose to meditate on my manifestations with a crystal that aligns with the lunar energies or zodiac sign, create a vision board (particularly when Neptune connects to the moon), journal or write affirmations (I’m a visual person, so seeing them works better than saying them),’ she said.

‘Or, if the moon is in a water sign, I’ll bathe with essential oils like frankincense, bergamot and lavender and light candles while I visualise what I want to bring into being.’

Source: Natasha Weber 

Ruby Lee called in financial success after quitting 6-figure job 

Ruby Lee believes in manifesting every day – but says it works best when your vibrational energy is high

Ruby Lee believes in manifesting every day – but says it works best when your vibrational energy is high.

The 38-year-old has been actively manifesting for five years however realises she was doing it since her mid 20s, unintentionally.

‘I say ‘calling it in’,’ she told FEMAIL and says it is an important thing to practice as because it allows us to create the life we truly desire’.

‘It’s a way of aligning our thoughts, beliefs and actions with what we want to attract into our lives. By manifesting, we can unlock our true potential and create a life of abundance, joy, and success,’ she said.

Ruby left her corporate career to ‘go out on her own’ and was terrified she wouldn’t be able to make ends meet.

‘I was fearful of not having the same money as what an employer could provide,’ she admitted.

So she poured energy into manifestation.

‘Within 100 days, I received an email from a company with interest to work together on a mid term project, was offered a few paid facilitation opportunities and offered money to speak at a conference. At the same time I began to sell my online coaching classes and a few coaching packages,’ she said.

‘The money I generated in those 100 days was the amount of my salary in my previous job, but more than that it showed me that I was capable and deserving of success. It gave me the confidence to keep going and create an amazing manifestations.’

When you are ‘feeling down’ you can still manifest good things, she said.

‘If you’re wondering how to get from a more challenging state of mind to that of a match to your dreams, my tip is this; pick the next best feeling from where you’re at,’ she said.

Explaining: ‘If you’re annoyed you missed out on the opportunity, the thought could be ‘I’m glad I threw my hat in the ring’, or ‘I’m closer than I was last time’, or ‘this or something better’. You can then build your manifesting practice on this.’

How to manifest financial stability and your dream job:

Ruby Lee made $100,000 in 100 days after leaving her corporate job – and is now traveling the world while smashing her career and income goals.

She puts this down to her focus on manifestation – and has five simple steps anyone can follow to call in their own financial success.

1. Set a clear intention around the money goals you have:

When Ruby left her corporate job she had the clear goal of being able to pay her mortgage and have money left over for a nice meal out each week. 

2. Visualise the day to day of your manifestation:

For example a better car or better home or more to give and share.

‘The money I generated in those 100 days was the amount of my salary in my previous job, but more than that it showed me that I was capable and deserving of success. It gave me the confidence to keep going and create an amazing manifestations,’ she said.

3. Connect with the feeling of that day to day:

‘Once you know what it is that you want to manifest, take a few moments and bring yourself into alignment with the feeling of already having it. This will help you to stay focused on your intention and attract more of the same energy into your life,’ she said.

4. Focus on self empowerment:

This will take you out of just hoping for it to happen but knowing it will

5. Let go of the need for it to happen:

It’ll come to you in ways you would never expect it to.

Source: Ruby Lee 

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