Fans are wondering where one EastEnders character is after Mick's 'death'

This Christmas saw the tragic disappearance of much loved EastEnders character Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), but fans are wondering where Callum Highway (Tony Clay) is in the wake of the tragedy.

It all kicked off on Christmas Day when the extent of Janine’s (Charlie Brooks) lies were exposed, leading Mick to leave her for childhood sweetheart Linda (Kellie Bright).

One dramatic car chase later, and Janine and Linda were plummeting over the edge of a cliff, ending up trapped in a sinking car. Without much thought, Mick plunged in after them.

While it has not been officially confirmed, it is safe to assume that poor Mick died as a result of his clifftop dive into the freezing cold December sea, as he attempted to save Linda.

With the rest of the square mourning his loss, there is one character fans think should be more heavily involved in the storyline: Callum Highway.

While some fans praised how the aftermath of Mick’s death has been handled so far, they were still baffled by the lack of a reaction from Callum.

seeing the square’s reaction to mick’s death has been really good cause the last year we lacked aftermath and acknowledgment on this scale? although, there are some characters we should see more. like callum ?? the carters were his family when he first came in. #Eastenders

Despite having made no mention of Mick’s death thus far, perhaps we will see Callum react to the news in upcoming episodes. We can only hope.

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