I’m eight months pregnant but you can't tell talking to me straight on – people are stunned when I turn to the side | The Sun

IF there’s one thing we know abour pregnancy, it’s that every experience is different. 

Pregnancy is different for everybody.

But usually you can tell when someone is carrying a baby right?

One woman has shared how some people don’t believe she is pregnant at all from certain angles.

Nina Monzolevska is a model from Ukraine based in Singapore.

Nina is eight months pregnant but people say she doesn’t look pregnant at all.

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In a TikTok video  online Nina shares why people say this.

Nina said: “You don’t look eight months pregnant.”

When Nina is facing the camera straight on she doesn't look pregnant at all.

Then she turned to the side and a bump suddenly appeared.

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Nina said: “How about now?”

Nina’s video gained over 719,000 views.

Viewers couldn’t believe Nina was eight months pregnant. 

One commenter said: “Did my eyes just betray me?”

A second commenter said: “My brain wasn't braining.”

A third commenter said: “Magic.”

Another commenter said: “Omg what?! at what month did u [you] realise u [you] were pregnant??”

It is possible that first time mums can have a smaller baby bump but it's not always common.

Sometimes it’s more to do with a woman’s body type, strong abdominal muscles mean a growing uterus is going to stay closer to the core of the body.

This can make a bump appear smaller.

Nina shared another video online with an update. 

She had her baby within the last 24 hours after 17 hours of labour. 

In her video Nina was enjoying her first meal after becoming a mum.

Nina said: “Every second was worth it.”

Viewers flocked to offer the model congratulations.

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